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Erin Smith 07/15/08More articles
Shawn Roney will head to prep school with some extra funds thanks to two local businessmen.

On Friday June 20, Chris Hayden of Hayden Insurance Agency Inc. (representing All State Insurance in town) and Brian Holmes, owner of Brian’s One Day Dry Cleaners awarded Roney a $500 scholarship to use towards tuition and books.

Hayden and Holmes own the building behind Burger King.

“Brian and I both make a living here,” Hayden said. “It’s just one of many examples of how we as business people in town giving back to the community.”

Hayden said Holmes came up with the idea in order to help a Baldwinsville graduate on their way to college or prep school. The two plan to make the scholarship an annual award. This isn’t the duos first charitable contribution to the community. Last year the duo purchased jackets for the JV Lacrosse team members and they have also contributed to Paige’s Butterfly Run and PEACE’s Coats for Kids campaign every year.

“In addition to providing competitive-priced high quality dry cleaning services and insurance and financial services, we want the community to know that this is just one example of why you should consider doing business with local firms,” Hayden said. “There are many other organizations that benefit from our charitable contributions and our hope is that our customers and community know that we both appreciate the business opportunities we’ve been provided in Baldwinsville. You simply don’t see this kind of give back to community from out of town dry cleaners and 1-800 or Internet insurance companies.”

For more information about Hayden Insurance Agency (638-7164) or Brian’s One Day Dry Cleaners (635-6727), visit them at 60 Salina St. (Route 31) or 3 Mechanic St. (respectively) in the village of Baldwinsville.

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