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It took about seven hours for 28 New York City children, from 6 to 18 years old, to make their trek to Central New York where they will be staying for two weeks with various families around the area. For the 132nd year, the Fresh Air Fund allows these children to get out of the city and experience what Central New York has to offer.

Many host families were waiting anxiously for their special guest to arrive on the evening of Wednesday July 9 at Lysander Park in Baldwinsville. Destiny Anthony, 9, who is staying with a family in Cicero, was one of the eight children to get off the bus at this stop. This is her first year traveling to Syracuse. The previous three years she has made her presence in Boston.

“It was fun riding up here because I made seven new friends,” Anthony said. “I can’t wait to go swimming, ride a bike and go to David’s Farmland.”

Baldwinsville residents Dan Young, his wife Connie and their family are first time hosts for the Fresh Air Fund housing Noel Gilgeous for the two-week span.

“We have three kids, so it will be nice to have the interaction for both Noel and my own children,” Young said.

The Young’s will be keeping Noel busy taking many local trips to different places like the Strong Museum in Rochester, going to the zoo, along with swimming in their new pool.

Lisa Urban, of Fulton, welcomed back 13-year-old Tiana, who is staying with the Urban family for the second year in a row.

“She (Tiana) is such a nice girl,” said Urban, who has housed children for eight years. “It’s fun to let the children have the good chance to be outside of NYC. If you ever get a chance to house a young kid, I highly recommend it. The Fresh Air Fund is such a good program.”

Altogether, around 100 children get to make their home in Central New York throughout the summer.

“These kids get experiences that they can’t get out of New York,” said Pat Resseguie, the chairperson. “They can run in the grass and catch fireflies and ride their bikes and go swimming.”

You don’t have to be a family in order to take in a child. Single parents, grandparents, parents with no children, basically anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the Fresh Air Fund.

“I don’t want people to feel like this has to be an expensive experience,” Resseguie said. “I just want people to go on with their lives.”

The program is still doing interviews for people interested in housing a child for the August trip from Aug 15 to 25. Any questions or information needed about the program can be directed to Resseguie at 638-2158.

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