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Mary Kate Hartmann will raise the American flag marking the beginning of this year’s Bud Run for Charity.

The Baldwinsville native was chosen to honor her late fiancé, Evan Schoeberlein.

“Last year I asked Evan to do the honors, but unfortunately, he was going to be in Boston that day having surgery for a recurrence of Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer usually found in children and young adults,” said Susan Bertrand, founder of Maureen’s Hope Foundation. “I told Evan that if Maureen’s Hope was the recipient the following year in 2008, the honor was his.”

Despite his initial diagnosis, Evan was an inspiration. He went on to graduate from the University of Rochester with a degree in biology. He also fell in love and became engaged to Hartmann.

“His courage, strength and vision of hope represented everything our foundation is about,” Bertrand said. “Evan endured chemotherapy treatments throughout this past year and had hoped his battle was won. He sent the foundation a thank you note for the support we were able to offer him throughout his journey and he wrote ‘P.S. I will see you at the Bud Run!’”

As it turned out, Maureen’s Hope was again chosen as this year’s recipient and Evan was going to raise this year’s flag. Sadly, he passed away on July 24 at the young age of 25.

“I always say our vision of hope is not just about achieving a desired outcome, it is about the journey, the day to day experiences. Evan's journey was filled with hope and his fiancé Mary Kate, will raise the flag at this years Bud Run in his memory and in memory of all those battling a courageous fight with cancer,” Bertrand said.

An inspiration
Bertrand first met Evan when she delivered a Basket of Hope and Comfort to him.

“We delivered a basket to him that was filled with items that offer comfort, inspiration and hope along with meals for the family from Liehs & Stiegerwalds,” she said. “When I think about the mission of our foundation, our vision of hope is not just about achieving a desired outcome. It’s about the journey. Evan's journey was filled with love, courage and dreams. His journey certainly represented the spirit of Maureen’s Hope.”

Maureen’s Hope
Maureens Hope Foundation was started in memory of Bertrand’s sister, Maureen Humphrey, who lost her courageous battle with cancer at the young age of 31. Maureen’s Hope has offered practical support and assistance to more than 400 people over the past five years.

“Our focus is today,” Bertrand said. “I learned first hand during my sister's battle that there are many needs that patients have when faced with a life altering disease that can not be met by the medical community and our mission is to help fill that gap and meet some of those needs. Events like the Bud Run for Charity help us to fulfill our mission by offering funding to local charities like Maureens Hope Foundation.”

Maureen’s Hope provides personalized gift baskets of comfort and inspiration, in addition to cleaning services during treatment weeks, meals from Liehs & Steigerwald and other practical support to help lighten the burdens of a patient. During the Bud Run, Maureen’s Hope will sell commemorative die cut daisies, which say “We Run for Hope . . . We Run for You.” The daisies will line the track and feature names of those people wish to honor or remember to inspire runners.

“Our passion is helping people in our community that are battling cancer and other life altering illnesses and events like the Bud Run enable us to continue to fulfill our mission through funding, support and visibility,” Bertrand said. “I think it is very inspiring to see people coming together and supporting an event like the Bud Run to help make our community a better place. I think in the circle of life, we all take turns being on the giving and receiving ends and I can tell you it is much easier to be able to give.”

For more information about Maureen’s Hope Foundation and how to register or to purchase a commemorative daisy for the Bud Run for Charity, visit

Bud Run for Charity
The Bud Run for Charity will be held Saturday Sept. 13 at the Budweiser Brewery in Baldwinsville. Registration will begin at 7:30 a.m. with a 9:15 a.m. kick-off for the 10K followed by a 9:20 a.m. kick-off for the 5K.

“Last years Bud Run for Charity was the most successful one to date raising over $40,000 for Maureen’s Hope and we are very honored to be chosen as the recipient of the proceeds for a second year,” Bertrand said.

Last year’s event welcomed more than 800 guests. Former charity recipients of the Bud Run include the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Foundation. Anheuser-Busch pays all fundraising costs so the proceeds can go directly to the charity.

“I think participants appreciate the fact that Anheuser-Busch is supporting local charities that are making a difference right here in our community. Anheuser-Busch pays all fundraising costs so that they money raised all goes directly to our foundation,” Bertrand said.

Applications received prior to Sept. 1 are $18 and after will be $22. For more information, call 635-4490.

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