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For the fifth time since 1991, all graduating seniors on the Baldwinsville Girls’ Lacrosse team will continue to play at the collegiate level.

“The B’ville lacrosse program has helped us prepare for college lacrosse because the level of competition is tough,” said Natalie Chrismer, who will attend Bryn Mawr College this fall. “It also helps that Coach Rowe assists us with the recruiting process when it comes to sending out recruiting packets and contacting college coaches.”

Chrismer is one of the 10 graduates who played lacrosse as a senior this past year. Overall, 121 out of 154 Baldwinsville girls who played varsity lacrosse their senior year of high school continued on at the collegiate level. That’s 78.5 percent of the graduates who have continued their lacrosse careers. In the past four years alone, 29 out of 30 graduates have played lacrosse in college.

Starting out each and every lacrosse season, it’s hoped that this will be the year that the team brings home a state championship win. This hasn’t happened recently in Baldwinsville, but the team has remained competitive while trying to get back to the championship game.

“We play in the toughest league in the country,” said varsity coach Doug Rowe. “We know it is going to be tough to get out of our section, but if we do, we are well prepared to make a run at it.”

For 20 years, the varsity team has racked up a total of 260 wins, 249 of them coming with current head coach Doug Rowe.

“The girls lacrosse program has been successful because of all the hard work done by my coaches and players, but more so by the parents that have come and gone,” Rowe said. “The people have run their kids to everything we run for them without complaining. Our kids have been successful at all levels because of their parents’ commitment to the program.”

From 1992 to present, the lacrosse program has been awarded the New York State Public High School Athletic Association Scholar Athlete Team Award. The program also produced Chris Lindsay (1994), who became a USA World Cup Player, along with 15 high school All-Americans or honorable All-Americans, numerous college All-Americans and 18 Academic All-Americans. In regards to administration and coaching roles, the program has produced one U.S. Navel Academy Alumni Association Director and many high school and college coaches from 1991 to present.

Along with racking up the wins, the varsity team has racked up the miles traveling. This past spring break, the team made their voyage over seas to England to play. In the past, the team has played all over the northeast, California, Colorado, Ohio and New York City.

“These trips wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the hard work by the kids and parents to raise money and offer up this opportunity for their kids,” Rowe said. “A lot of people give me credit for this, but it really goes to the parents for making everything happen and to the kids for loving the game. If it’s fun, they will play, and in B’ville, if they play, the colleges will want them at all levels. The most important thing of all is that our kids get their college education and many times it’s because lacrosse gave them a chance or opened a door at a school the girls wanted.”

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