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After 10 years of borrowed space, PAC-B TV finally has a home of its own.

The Baldwinsville Public Access Channel recently purchased a home on Mechanic Street right along the outskirts of the Baldwinsville business district. While the location is ideal, the home is in need of some restoration, which needs to be completed before the station can move in.

“Right now the only people working on it are the board members,” said Wendy Dryden, a member of the PAC-B Board of Directors. “There are only eight of us and we have other commitments in addition to PAC-B. We’re really just looking for some help.”

The station is currently located in the basement of the Baldwinsville Public Library, where it has been since launching a decade ago.

“They’ve been very good to us, but they do want that space back,” Dryden said about PAC-B’s space at the library.

Making it possible
According to Dryden, the board paid $45,000 for the tax-exempt house in the spring and it should be paid off by next year.

In addition to prudence on behalf of the board, PAC-B’s move was made possible through a 10-year contract between Time Warner and greater Baldwinsville’s three municipalities, Baldwinsville, Lysander and Van Buren. The station now receives quarterly payments for operating costs through franchise fees in addition to used equipment from Time Warner and a one-time move of “The Drop,” which allows the station to go on air.

“It was important that we found a permanent place because [The Drop] was a one-time deal with Time Warner,” Dryden said.

More space, possibilities
The board has held three meetings in the house since obtaining it.

When finished, the house will feature a control room, reception area, storage space and, most conveniently, an interview room.

“Now we have the space to do interviews without conflicting with the library schedule,” Dryden said adding previous interviews with officials such as Sen. John DeFrancisco were restricted to library hours and conference room availability.

Dryden is also enthusiastic about the large yard that accompanies the house, which their new neighbor Robert Barry mows free of charge.

“We have a nice yard where I hope we can have picnics for volunteers,” she said.

With the move from analog to digital recordings, PACB will need less space in the control room and for storage.

“We will be getting rid of stacks of VCRs and replacing them with one digital counsel, also donated by Time Warner,” Dryden said. “The control room is about 8’ by 12,’ which is more room than we have now, but we won’t need all the additional equipment.”

The board has considered sharing their new space with another not-for-profit, though nothing is currently in the works.

Volunteers needed
To get the home in operating condition, the board is seeking volunteers to help gut, sheet rock (no mudding and taping necessary) and paint both the inside and outside. All the materials for renovation will be provided.

“We’d really like to get a coat of paint on it before the snow comes,” Dryden said.

There is also a kitchen on the back of the home that needs to be removed completely due to extensive damage. PAC-B is also in need of volunteer videographers for upcoming events like Oktoberfest, municipal meetings and sporting events.

“Finding volunteers is ridiculously hard,” Dryden said.

If you are interested in volunteering, whether videotaping or renovating, call Andy or Wendy at 638-2156 for house volunteer.

Submitting videos
The main purpose of a public access channel is to provide an opportunity for the public to air personal videos, Dryden said. Whether trying to get exposure as a budding film director, submitting a sporting event video or sharing a community event, the station will accept videos that include title, date and time of the event, what it is and how long the video is (no less than a half-hour submission).

“Anything anyone can tape and submit that we don’t have to is a bonus,” she said.

If you are interested in recording an event, but don’t have the equipment, you can volunteer at the station and use equipment available through PAC-B, especially since the station is always looking for videographers.

“Everyone wants stuff taped, but we don’t have enough people to do it,” Dryden said.

The station also provides copies of videos for a suggested donation of $15. Dryden said the most common copy request received is for recruiter tapes by coaches and athletes.

“We’ve even had requests from other districts that have played against Baldwinsville,” she said.

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