Dr. Rob's Walk & Talk at Beaver Lake

Dr. Robert Kiltz, founder and director of CNY Fertility Center and CNY Healing Arts in Syracuse are offering a Walk & Talk event at Beaver Lake Nature Center. From noon to 3 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 21, Dr. Rob will lead participants on a 1.4 mile nature walk on the Deep Woods Trail as he offers an inspirational story that concludes with a powerful message. Also joining Dr. Rob at this event is Elaine Wolf-Steinberg, who will be handling participant orientation, and also speaking at the conclusion of the walk.
Join Dr. Rob for this fun and thought provoking event. There will be drinks and snacks afterward at a social reception to be held at the pavilion. This event is free of charge, and all are welcome to participate. All cars will be charged a vehicle fee of $2 by Beaver Lake when exiting the park. Meet for orientation at Sensory Garden in front of the visitor center.
Dress in comfortable clothing and footwear. Registration is required. E-mail or call Chris Briel at 378.7317 to reserve your place at this event.

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