Travel to the Cradle of Civilization with Mystic India

The MOST is proud to announce the debut of a stunning new IMAX® film. Mystic India: an Incredible Journey of Inspiration will captivate audiences by offering an in-depth look at the culture and civilization of India through the eyes Neelkanth, an incredible child yogi on a spiritual quest. On Saturday, Oct. 4 adventure through India’s vast terrain and discover its majestic natural beauty on the Bristol IMAX Omnitheater’s enormous domed screen. Mystic India will lead audiences from the icy peaks of the Himalayas to the scorching deserts and tropical rainforests of this diverse and abundant land. Follow Neelkanth as he learns about the rich history and venerable traditions of his people as he journeys across fields, rivers and small villages. Mystic India was filmed in more than 100 locations throughout India, and documents the true story of a seven-year journey spanning 8,000 miles. This period film will transport viewers back to 18th Century India for a tale that has the power to inspire viewers across generations. A complete schedule for Mystic India and other fine IMAX films is available at most.org.

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