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staff reports 01/09/09

What: Armory Square Playhouse will present a reading of a staged reading of 5 new 10 Minute plays by Amy Doherty, Len Fonte, Jeff Kramer, Peter Moller, and Donna Stuccio.

Where: Redhouse, 201 South West Street.

When: Sunday, Jan. 25, at 1 p.m.

Admission: $7 regular; $5 for seniors and students.

The challenge was on for long standing members of Armory Square Playhouse: to write a collection of short plays that explore what really goes on in the lives of actors as they pursue their craft.

In "Waiting for Cynthia" by Amy Doherty, rehearsal can't begin until Cynthia arrives, but where is Cynthia and what happens when she finally arrives? Emotions run high and frenzy abounds.

"Curses", written by Len Fonte, chronicles what can happen when a theatrical tradition is violated.

Grudgingly enabled by his long-suffering girlfriend, an under-employed New York City actor rejects rejection from a British theater company, and plots his artistic rebirth in the land of Shakespeare in Jeff Kramer's play, "Reaching for Marsby."

"Everybody's a critic." That's the lament of actors, playwrights, directors and critics even before Shakespeare. In Peter Moller's play "Critics", the consequences of the critical act take center stage.

Donna Stuccio's "Crossfade" finds two actresses, at very different stages in their careers, crossing paths in a 1976 regional theater dressing room. Stage and screen actress Rita Gam, a prolific star in the 1950's, shares advice with her dresser, a starry-eyed young hopeful who dreams of a life in the theater.

Amy Doherty holds a BFA from Drake University an MLS from SU and is a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater. Several of her plays have had readings by Armory Square Playhouse. Amy is an enthusiastic member of Gerard Moses' Saturday Workshop and was twice selected to attend the summer playwriting intensive at Sarah Lawrence College. Most recently, her play, Run Off", was one of the winners of the Wolf's Mouth Theater Collective 10 Minute play fest and will receive a production in Ithaca this spring.

Len Fonte, who retired from the Syracuse City School district after 33 years and 45 productions, has written Wasted Bread, produced by Armory Square Playhouse and "Alchemist of Light," which was premiered at SUNY Oswego. He is currently completing his fourth full-length play. Len directed the Armory Square Playhouse production of Jeff Kramer's "Lowdown Lies."

Jeff Kramer is a contributing humor columnist appearing in the Post-Standard. His two-act comedy, "Lowdown Lies," staged in 2007 at Redhouse, won the 2008 Last Play Standing competition in Chicago and a Syracuse Area Live Theater (SALT) award for best original production. Jeff lives in Jamesville with his wife, Leigh, their two daughters, Miranda and Lily, Nate the Dog and newcomer Rondo, a Chihuahhua/space alien mix.

Peter Moller, is a Professor of Television and Film at Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications. Moller teaches courses in film and television production, directing, acting and screenwriting. Before joining the faculty at the Newhouse School, Moller worked in Philadelphia, New York and Los Angeles as a writer and director of children's television programs. He is the co-author of MAKING TELEVISION PROGRAMS and HURRY UP AND WAIT. His plays "Sangrado", "The Experiment of St. Alexis' and "Coupons" have been produced by theaters in the United States and Canada. He directed the Redhouse Theater’s productions of Klonsky and Schwartz, Rounding Third and Love Song. His voice is heard on many audio books; recently Full Cast Audio's production of "King Kong."

Donna Stuccio is a graduate of Syracuse University’s Drama Department the MFA Creative Writing program at Goddard College. Her other full length plays, "Blue Moon" and "The Job", premiered at Salt City Playhouse. She participated in Ithaca's Kitchen Theatre’s 3rd Annual 48 Hour Playwriting Marathon. Her plays have been published in the Journal of Women and Criminal Justice, Pitkin Review, and Textuality. Throughout the years she has worn many hats for Armory Square Playhouse. Several of her plays received readings, most recently the full length "elegy in blue."

The five plays are presentations of a works in progress and talkback panel with the five playwrights will follow the performances.

You may also visit the Redhouse website: theredhouse.org. The phone number for the Redhouse is 425-0405.

Armory Square playhouse is a member of the Arts and Culture
Leadership Alliance of Central New York

Redhouse is located at 201 South West Street, on the west side of Armory Square.

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