Guitar League March meeting is March 2

staff reports 02/27/09
Location: The Syracuse Vineyard Church, 312.
Time and date: 7 p.m., Monday, March 2
Location: The Vineyard Church, 312 Lakeside Road, just off State Fair Blvd.

Guitar League is open to all guitar enthusiasts in CNY.

Do not park behind the bakery building next door in their loading area. There is plenty of parking around in the front of the Church. Enter the church on the right hand side of the building, just past the overhead door. Do not use the front door.
Questions, contact info@guitarleague.com, or call 689-6242.

Main Presenter: Tim Robinson

Tim has this to say: “I've been a guitar addict from the age of 11. I started as most guitarists do, on an acoustic guitar, and graduated in my teens to electric. I have played in various pop/rock groups over the years, and currently sing and play guitar with a Pink Floyd Tribute band called Childhood’s End. I'm an overly enthusiastic supporter of all genres of music.

Tim plans to give a presentation on the benefits of alternate tunings, and their applications to popular music. He goes on to say, “At the end of my presentation during my breakout part, I would really like to make the session an open mike night where anyone who is interested can play one or two songs ( I'd like to limit it to one or two songs each so everyone that would like to gets a chance to play).”

Loren and Tim may do a couple of songs together for part of the presentation as well.

Tim’s personal myspace page is: myspace.com/GotTim
Childhood’s End’s Web site is: myspace.com/FloydChildhood

Rookies Breakout: Loren will be working with the Rookies this Month. Marty Johnson is bringing in his PA again and you all will have an opportunity to see what it is like playing a little bit through a PA. You can do this as a solo, or with Loren or with one of your fellow rookies. So just think about what you might play. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. It can be something simple like “Home on the Range”, or whatever. Or it can be a part of a song, or some chords you are putting together. You can sing while you play or not. The main goal is for you to do something in front of a few people. It can be as much or as little as you wish. No one will force you to come up and play, but I wish that you would work up the courage to give it a shot. You know that deep down inside you want to do this sometime and the best time is now. You will be so glad you did.

Minors Breakout: Mike Shaw
Many folks have asked that we offer a session on the basics of slide guitar or bottleneck guitar, as it is sometimes known. Mike is a master at this style and has proven to be a very good teacher.

The March minors breakout will cover 'Delta Slide Guitar 099'. The players will each need to purchase a slide (glass or metal) that fits comfortably over the entire length of the left hand pinky. Most music stores carry an array of slides that are tailored for all shapes and sized fingers. John Hammond uses a Sears 11/16" deep socket (life time guarantee). Mike says, “Some of the baby boomers may have some of the late 60's style pill bottles lying about. You remember those, don't you? I played at Greek Peak a couple of weeks ago and forgot my slide...they had nice salt and pepper shakers though!!”

The intro highlights to this b r o a d topic will deal with the following;

I The ergo dynamic slide guitarist;
a) Music vs noise
a) Positioning the slide to the frets of least resistence.
b) Right and left hand muting techniques

II Let's Tune;
a) Standard tuning for now
b) The 12 fret geometry of the blues slide scale (hand-out)
c) Rolling the pattern for any given key
d) Find all the notes, then build your library of cool licks

III The one man band approach;
a) The role of your head, hands, and feet
b) 2 and 3 finger piedmont styles.
1. Artists and supporting literature of such styles
2. The origin of the styles

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