CBA girls reach semifinals, fall to CNS

Phil Blackwell 03/02/09More articles
When the Christian Brothers Academy returned to the Section III Class AA semifinals, it had no intentions of seeing its championship dreams get snuffed out at this point, just like they had been a year ago at Corcoranís expense.
But Cicero-North Syracuse didnít give the Brothers much of a choice in the matter.
Mostly through the Northstarsí first-rate defensive effort, CBA got flustered early and never recovered in a 54-31 defeat last Friday night at Liverpool High School.
Going in, a big concern for the Brothers was what to do with CNSís highly-touted 6-3 freshman center, Breanna Stewart, whose shot-blocking ability can make any opponent think twice about going inside.
CBAís own young center, Victoria Johnson, would find some success with mid-range jumpers and put in 10 points, but the larger story was being written outside.
All of CNSís guards, especially Ashley Waldron, took turns hounding guards Kayla Stroman and Leanne Ockenden. While Stroman worked her way to 14 points, Ockenden never seemed to take a shot that wasnít contested, and didnít make a single basket after a 3-pointer in the gameís first two minutes.
That gave the Northstars all kinds of time to take charge after CBA led throughout the first quarter. With Stewart doing everything from blocking three shots to hitting on a 3-pointer (plus a pair of steals and an assist), CNS outscored the Brothers 17-6 in that crucial second period and never would get caught.
By gameís end, Stewart had 24 points, with Marybeth Egan adding 11 points. CNS advanced to meet Fayetteville-Manlius (who stunned top seed Corcoran) in this Saturdayís AA final at Utica Memorial Auditorium.
From this yearís squad that went 19-3, Stroman departs for Niagara University and Amy Callahan graduates, too. Everyone else, including Ockenden, Johnson and Michelle Damico, should come back in 2009-10, determined to keep CBA at a high level.

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