Colleen Kattau and Eudy Fernandez playing at ArtRage!

staff reports 03/03/09
To bid a loving farewell to our visiting artist, Jafeth Gómez Ledesma, and to help support ArtRage, Colleen and "Some Guys" and the Eudy Fernandez Latin Jazz Band will play at a concert/dance party during our current exhibit of Jafeth's paintings; Hope In a Time of Turmoil. Go to eat, drink, dance and generally celebrate life with Jafeth and the gang.

"Joe Hill would be proud. Singer and organizer at the same time", Pete Seeger says of Colleen, a bi-lingual singer songwriter of New Song and Nueva canción.

She performs original alternative acoustic music in a splendidly energetic mix of poetry and rhythm. Her voice can be both strong and tender and has been likened to that of Joni Mitchell, Natalie Merchant and Shawn Colvin. Colleen has performed for diverse audiences at colleges and universities, women's festivals, environmental festivals and Latin American and labor solidarity events.

Nationally, she has toured with the acclaimed multi-media project Sing it down!, a music/video/discussion program designed as part of the movement to educate about the infamous US army School of the Americas. Folk legend Pete Seeger has called this struggle to close the school "the singin'ist movement he knows."

Aside from singing with Seeger, Colleen has shared the stage with folks such as Bruce Cochburn, Holly Near and Tom Paxton. Colleen combines music and activism, recognizing the guitarra armada or 'armed guitar' concept of Latin American troubadours like Mercedes Sosa and Silvio Rodriguez who know that the guitar and voice are mightier than the sword.

The skinny:
March 6
8 to10:30 p.m.
$10-$25 sliding scale suggested donation
ArtRage Gallery
505 Hawley Avenue
Syracuse, New York 13203
ArtRageous art for peace and social justice
ArtRage is handicapped accessible
Off street parking at 404 & 414 Lodi Street and

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