Los Blancos stage free show Friday at Village Tavern

Staff Reports 04/07/09

Popular Syracuse-based Blues ‘n’ Zydeco party band Los Blancos will perform two free shows at the Village Tavern in Marcellus.
Los Blancos will play at 7 p.m. Friday April 10 and Friday May 22. The band is nominated for three Los Angeles South Bay Music Awards this year, including Blues Artist/Group of the Year, Keyboardist of the Year (Mark Nanni), and Best Independent CD. The award ceremony will take place Monday April 27 in Irvine, Calif.
The SoCal-based music magazine Rockwired selected the album art of the quartet’s recent release “Just This Once,” designed by Syracuse artist Elliot Mattice, as a Top 10 Album Cover of the Year.
For more information about Los Blancos’ appearances in Marcellus, visit the Village Tavern’s Web site at myspace.com/marcellusvt/ or call 673-2260. The tavern is located at 6 E. Main St. in the village.

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