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The Syracuse International Film Festival nnounced this year's award winners last night at The MOST downtown. Scroll down to see the video from that event.

All-festival annual awards went first to:
Lifetime Achievement - Gina Vittorio Baldi
Special tribute and four-film retrospective - Rob Nilsson
Friend of the Festival: Tom Bower, 2009 Jury Chair and new Honorary Festival Board Chair

Best Feature Fiction:
TABLEAU (Hungary)
LE RING (Quebec, Canada)
MATAR a TODOS (Uruguay)

Special Judges Citation: GYMPL (Czech Republic)

Artistic Director’s Citations (Selected by Owen Shapiro:
For innovation in story telling: E.M.E.T (Israel) by Yaron Allouche
For epic and historic breadth: UNITED RED ARMY (Japan) by Koji Wakamatsu

Best Directing:
EXHAUSTED (Korea) Gok Kim
TABLEAU (Hungary) Gabor Dettre
LE RING (Quebec, Canada) Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette
MATAR a TODOS (Uruguay) Esteban Schroeder

Winner: Gok Kim for EXHAUSTED

Best Actress:
THE PRIESTESS (Armenia) Rouzan Vit Mesropyan
MATAR a TODOS (Uruguay) Roxana Blanco
THE PUPPETER OF HAVANA (Germany/Cuba) Olga Lidia Alfonso
EXHAUSTED (Korea) Liu Jang
SHADOWS (Macedonia) Vesna Stanojevska

Winner: Liu Jang for EXHAUSTED
Special Judges Citation: Roxana Blanco for MATAR a TODOS

Best Actor
LE RING (Canada) Maxime Desjardins-Tremblay
GYMPL (Czech Republic) Tomas Vorel Jr.
EXHAUSTED (Korea) Guen-young Oh
SHADOWS (Macedonia) Borce Nacev
THE HIDE (England) Alex Mac Queen

Split Winners: Maxime Desjardins-Tremblay for LE RING and Alex Mac Queen for THE HIDE

Best Screenplay:
EXHAUSTED (Korea) Gok Kim
TABLEAU (Hungary) Gabor Dettre and Akos Kertesz
LE RING (Quebec, Canada) Renee Beaulieu
MATAR a TODOS (Uruguay) Daniel Henriques, Alejandra Marino, Pablo Vierci

Winner: Gabor Dettre and Akos Kertesz for TABLEAU

Best Cinematography:
GYMPL (Czech Republic) Marek Jicha
THE HIDE (England) George Richmond
HOW TO LIVE ON EARTH (Korea) Tak-jun Choi
FASHION (India) Mahesh Limaye
SHADOWS (Macedonia) Fabio Cianchetti

Winner: George Richmond for THE HIDE
Special Judges Citation: Sang-joon Kwon for EXHAUSTED

Best Editing:
THE HIDE (England) Colin Sumsion
FASHION (India) Devendra Murdeshwar
GYMPL (Czech Republic) Marek Jicha and Tomas Vorel
EMPTIES (Czech Republic) Alois Fisarek

Winner: Alois Fisarek for EMPTIES

Best Music:
HOW TO LIVE ON EARTH (Korea) Young-rock Choi
THE HIDE (England) Debbie Wiseman
FASHION (India) Salim Merchant, Suleman Merchant

Winner: Salim Merchant and Suleman Merchant for FASHION

Best Feature Documentary:
OUR DISAPPEARED (Argentina) Juan Mandelbaum
BORDER (Armenia) Harutyun Khachatryan

Winner: Harutyun Khachatryan for BORDER

Best Short Documentary:
Historias del Viento (Venezuela) Javier Beltran
Torgheh (Iran) Mohammad Hassan Damanz
Passage (France) Pauline Higgens
Maria’s Grotto (Iran) Buthina Canaan Khouty
Truth and Consequence (USA) Carol Jennings

Split Winners: Maria’s Grotto and Historias del Viento

Best Short Fiction:
K (UK) Piers Thompson
Porque hay cosas nunca se olvidan (Argentina) Lucas Figueroa
Desert Trains (Israel) Boaz Armoni
Pelo Ouvido (Brazil) Joaquim Haickel
Caught Between Colors (India/USA) by Munjal Yagnik

Winner: K

Best Animation:
About the First Domestic Cat (Czech Republic) Stanislava Mikusova
Nightmare (Korea) Sejong University
Pretty Ugly (USA) Abbey Paccia
Fish Fosh (Korea) Sejong University
Animated American (USA)James Baker
Stop (Korea) Jae-Oh Park

Winner: Stop

Best Experimental:
Annie Lloyd (USA) Cecile Condit
E.M.E.T (Israel) Yaron Allouche
Once a Wall or Ripple Remains (USA/Israel) Tirtza Even
Heart Is A Hidden Camera (USA) Gabriel Judet- Weinshel
Liminal (USA) Stephen Keep Mills

Winner: Once a Wall or Ripple Remains

Stay tuned for follow-up coverage of SYRFILM 09 - still coming: interviews with Canadian sound designer Jane Tattersall and Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane William Mbaye, who documentary MERE-BI offers a portrait of Senegal's first journalist, Annette Mbaye d'Erneville.

Video link from by Ellen Blalock.

The Syracuse International Film Fest Party

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