Fritz’s Polka Band wins SAMMY award

Doug Campbell 06/09/09More articles
Jagermeister-sponsored Fritz's Polka Band, from Verona, has won their first ever Syracuse-Area Music Award. FPB's 2008 recording, "Reflections," which featured all original FPB songs, won in the “Best Recording Other Styles” category. The SAMMY Award was presented to Fritz Scherz, band leader of Fritz’s Polka Band, and Mike Faraino (who’s been drumming quite a bit for FPB lately) on June 5 on the "Taste of Syracuse" main stage in downtown Syracuse.

"I just want to thank all our great fans for making this possible," exclaimed Fritz Scherz during his acceptance speech on the main stage. "I might get a little long-winded here, but this really means so much to me! I want to take time to recognize the guys in my band, Rick, Frank, Tom, Gabe, my Dad, Mike, who’s right here next to me, and George. Speaking of my Dad, I want to give a special shout out to him, as he’s home recovering from neck surgery. But, he’ll be back stronger than ever. I’d much rather have a SAMMY than a Grammy, since they dropped their polka category yesterday [June 4]. Last but not least, a special thanks to the best sponsor in the world, Jagermeister!”

For more information on FPB, visit fritzpolkaband.com.

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