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Kuumba dancers

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Photo by Kate Monohan

At last Wednesday evening’s Kuumba Project year-end performance at Syracuse Stage’s Arthur Storch Theater, Caroline Charles, Margaret Moreno, Amani Wortham, Waniesha Allen and Ashley Green take a bow together after solo dances.

The Kuumba Project is a two-year-old multi-arts program for young people sponsored by Syracuse University’s Southside Initiative. The year-end show featured performances in African dance with drums, a musical theater piece entitled Cinderleisha (based on Cinderella), an ensemble spoken-word performance, and a suite of solo ballet/jazz dances. The lobby reception afterward showcased the students’ drawings, paintings and ceramic sculpture.

The Kuumba faculty are Marcia Andrews-Hagan (musical theater), Cheryl Wilkins-Mitchell (dance), Tasneem Grace Tewogbola (literary art), London Ladd (visual art), Caylon Newby (on-going management), Biboti Ouikahilo (African dance and drum) and EunJung Shin Vargas (visual art). Next fall Kuumba moves to the Community Folk Art Center. See a gallery of photos from this event elsewhere on this site.

This article appears in the June 18,2009 print edition of the Syracuse City Eagle.

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