2nd Annual Furman St. Block Party Celebration

staff reports 08/19/09
Sheridonna, JIMMY BLACK & Neighbors presents the Second Annual Furman St. Celebration on Aug. 22 from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. between Midland and S. Salina St.

Activities includes: Books give away, face painting, Dance Competition, Two on two basketball, Track & field, Double dutch, Go cart Driving, and Bouncer for the kids. Special invited guests are AYO and L Finess.

Thanks to sponsors:
John Kosmetatos
Mrs. Geneva Hayden
KFC on S.Salina St.
Valley Cleaners of Midland Ave.
Faith & Hope

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Up and Coming Events:
Aug 29, State Fair
Sept. 5, Hip Hop For The Homeless
Oct. 30, Yes We Can Talent ShowCase
Nov. 7, Upper State Independent Awards

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