Music and Art Over Syracuse returns

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Second annual multi-fest:

Music and Art Over Syracuse will showcase hundreds of local artists and musicians over seven days, Aug. 23 to 29.

“Due to the tremendous success of the first Music and Art Over Syracuse in 2008, we decided to host this event again but make it twice as large,” said Josh Walker of LO Entertainment. “The first year we attracted a crowd of over 4,000 people from all across Central New York and beyond. This year we have reserved three music venues and three art galleries.”

Walker’s partners in LO Entertainment are Brooke Ackerman and Aaron Keller.

The music gets underway Sunday, Aug. 23, at the Westcott Theater, 524 Westcott St., with a 5 p.m. set by Josh Southwick, followed by IMI at 6., True Witness at 6:45., Kevin Thompson at 8:15., the icon and the axe at 9, Fazeshift at 9:45., The Scarlet Ending at 10:30., Mage-ix at 11:15 and the Scottish band Vinyl at midnight.

Chalkline Memories takes the Westcott stage at 1 a.m.
Performers starting at 9 p.m. Monday, Aug. 24, at the Westcott Theater include Mark Zane, Silent Fury, Get Down, Dave Alexander, Atom Had’m and The Nasty Truth.

Histeria at Half Penny
Music and Art Over Syracuse also presents shows downtown.
On Sunday, Aug. 23, the Half Penny Pub, at 321 W. Fayette St., KB Noise performs at 5 p.m., The Blind Spots at 6 p.m., Jason Davis at 7:30, A Proletarian Manifesto at 8:15, Summer People at 9, Blind Histeria at 9:45, The Andrea Doria at 10:30, Ayurveda at 11:15, and Alex Boatman at midnight. Upstate Boxcar plays at 1 a.m.

On Monday, Aug. 24, the Half Penny will host Kipp Opperman, Cris Squier, Maddy Walsh and DE Ja Fuze.
Admission to most MAOS events is $10 in advance, more at the door.

Tattoos and Trixie
MAOS presents a Tattoo Expo from noon to 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 26, at The Gear Factory corner of Geddes and West Fayette streets, on the West End.

The multi-faceted festival runs through Aug. 29, with events also scheduled at Trexx, downtown at 319 N. Clinton St., as well as at the Delavan Art Gallery and Spark Art Gallery.

The high point of the seven-day shenanigans should be the burlesque show starring Miss Trixie and her Dolls, at 9:45 p.m. Aug. 28, at the Westcott Theater. Miss Trixie’s act is titillating in more ways than one. In fact, you might say it’s busting out all over, just like MAOS itself.
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