Music notes: Definite Dynamic Duo

Walt Shepperd 10/04/09More articles
Walking down Genesee Street, leaving Dolce Vita, with its unique “bring your own” music approach, CDs played in order of arrival, and heading for Shenanigan’s, where Christy, who tends bar must spend the entire rest of her time searching out tunes for the most eclectic run of tape heard anywhere in the city, reflecting on the return of smooth melodic avant jazz to the reopened World on Hanover Square. A car pulls up and an arm reaches out, holding a CD. Two young expectant faces in the car mirror the faces on the CD.

Dynamic Duo. Locally produced, with Tom Bronzetti on tenor guitar and Mike Robbins on bass. Five tunes, including “It’s Only a Paper Moon,” “Sweet Lorraine” and “Like Someone in Love.” Too much of a challenge given . . . But take it home and put it on. Seven notes in and it could be Wes Montgomery and Ron Carter. This is old school with a fresh understated discipline. Should have known from the cover. Tuxes, white shirts and bow ties. Remember?

The duo has gigs lined up at Empire Brewing Company, Lemon Grass and Sugar Pearl, which will get listings in these pages. Info on the CD can be had by calling Tom at 657.3689 or Mike at 585.506.6085, or check MySpace.com/DynamicDuoSwing.

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