Jazz Halloween Party at Sophistications

Here's a fun way to celebrate Halloween without going to a bar full of drunk idiots. E.S.P. is throwing a party on Friday Oct 30 at 7 p.m.. (That means you can still be home on 31st for the trick or treaters).

Tickets are $10 but here's what that gets you...

Live Jazz from E.S.P.
Live Magic from Wise Guy's Dan Uzunoff
Great Food by Sophistications
Complimentary Jazz CD for the first 30 guests
Door Prizes
Free parking right in front

Its gonna be at a great spot called "Sophistications Jazz Cafe." They serve beer and wine as well as lots of juices and hot drinks. Plus, its REALLY NICE in there. You gotta see it.

Its right on Salina St. in the "Galleries of Syracuse Mall" in Downtown Syracuse. Not far from the Landmark.

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