RedHouse hosts third annual masquerade ball

staff reports 10/14/09
Red House Arts Center will host the third annual Red House Masquerade Ball on Friday, Oct. 30 at 9 p.m. The Masquerade Ball fundraiser has quickly become a Central New York Halloween institution, with live music, dancing into the night, and the ghosts of victims past.

This year, the Masquerade Ball features live music by the Syracuse based band, the Mere Mortals as well as the area's premier potato rapper ToTs! accompanied by Mix Master Mash.

The costume contest will be judged by the Red House staff and features three categories: Best Costume, Sexiest Costume and Worst Costume. Bribes will be accepted, but not necessarily honored.

Tickets for the Masquerade Ball are $12 until one hour before the event, $15 at the door and are available from www.theredhouse.org.

Costumes are welcomed but not required. All proceeds from the gate, from the cash bar and from costume contest bribes will benefit the Red House Arts Center. Contact our Marketing Manager, Mike Intaglietta, at press@theredhouse.org with any questions.

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