first Irish Hallowe’en Festival

staff reports 10/16/09
Come Banshees!Come goblins!Come Ghosts and Ghouls!

Come to: Twin Trees Too
1029 Milton Ave.
Oct. 30
7:30 p.m.

Irish Story Teller, Deirdre McCarthy, Hauntingly presents our first Irish Hallowe’en Festival.

Do you know:
1. The celebration of Halloween started in Ireland.

2. What is in that Irish cake called, Barnbrack Cake?

3. Who Jack O’Lantern is?

4. How to play Snap Apple?

5. For Info and Reservations: Contact Anne at 685-8741 or AEMPEROR@AOL.COM
How to do a Harvest Jig?

Deirdre knows!

Presentation costs $10 for adults,$5 for children, 5 and under are free!

Brought to you by The Irish American Cultural Institute of Central New York.

CATEGORY: Curiosities & Oddities
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