Jowonio presents Loren Barrigar

staff reports 10/28/09
Loren Barrigar & Jowonio Friends

A family-friendly concert, featuring the incomparable talents of CNY’s favorite guitarist

Saturday, November 14, 7 p.m.
May Memorial Unitarian Universalist Society
3800 East Genesee Street, Syracuse

With special musical appearances by Jowonio staff & friends:
Scott Bianchi, Carol Bryant, Jenny O’Hara Callaghan, Mike Callaghan, Jennifer Van Ry Capozzi, Meredith Dunn, Greg Halpen, Peter Irwin, Gen Pandori, Zeke Smuckler, Dick Ward

Tickets $25 - all proceeds benefit Jowonio School
Available at Jowonio School, or at www.jowonio.org

More Info: www.jowonio.org

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