MOST celebrates International Year of Astronomy

staff reports 11/09/09
Celebrate our universe, the stars and the International Year of Astronomy with the Museum of Science & Technology (MOST).

On Saturday, Nov. 14 the MOST will be hosting an Astronomy and Art Contest Workshop to help students in grades 3-6 enter Cornell's International Year of Astronomy contest. The event, being held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., will include a planetarium show, hands-on activities teaching kids about the planets, a presentation using Stellarium and art supplies and resources to create the winning project. 3rd and 4th grade students are invited to create a slogan and logo for the International Year of Astronomy 2009 and 5th and 6th grade students are invited to create a travel brochure for another place in the universe. After completion students can submit their entries using provided forms.

After you finish your project this is a great time to explore the museum.

Exhibits at the MOST include the Earth Science Discovery Cave, the Science Playhouse, Technotown, and more. Whether this is your first visit or you are a regular at the MOST, there is always something new to learn. While you are
here, visit the Bristol IMAX Omnitheater. IMAX films showing on the day of the workshop include Amazon, The Living Sea, and Mystery of the Nile.

2009 has been marked as the International Year of Astronomy as it is the 400th anniversary of Galileo studying the universe with a telescope and of Kepler's Astronomia Nova. The International Year of Astronomy contest is open until December 21st, 2009. Although the event at the MOST is geared towards 3rd-6th grade students, there are sections of the contest that
extend to kindergarten students. There will be prizes awarded to the winners of the contest, which is sponsored by the Cornell Center for Radiophysics and Space Research Education and Outreach Program, Curious? Ask an Astronomer project, NASA IYA Student Ambassador Program, New York Space Grant Consortium and Cornell/NASA Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility.

Learn more at: ://

Reserving a place is encouraged, but not required. The program is $5 in addition to the regular cost of admission. For more information or to reserve a spot contact Dustin Angell at 425-9068, ext. 2148 or

Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology is located in historic Armory Square in Downtown Syracuse, 500 South Franklin Street.

The MOST is regularly open Wednesdays - Sundays 10 a.m.. - 5 p.m. with an extended Saturday evening IMAX schedule. Also open Mondays and Tuesdays for national holidays and school break weeks. For IMAX schedule and to purchase
by credit card, call 473-IMAX.

Regular IMAX-only tickets are now available at $9 for adults and $7 for kids and seniors; they can be purchased at any time. Add exhibits for just $2 more.

General exhibit hall admission cost $5 for adults and $4 for children up to age 11 and seniors ages 65+.

Silverman Planetarium shows: free for members; non-members: $2 per person with exhibit admission purchase

For more information, call 425-9068 or visit the MOST Web site at

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