Viewpoints II at the Westcott Community Art Gallery

staff reports 11/14/09
The Westcott Community Art Gallery is proud to present Viewpoints II

“16 X 20”

This is the 2nd Collaborative Collection of The Syracuse Photographers Association.

When: Nov. 19, 2009 – Jan. 11, 2010

Opening Reception: Nov. 20, 2009, 6 –to 8 PM

Where: The Westcott community Art Gallery at the Westcott Community Center, 826 Euclid Ave. (corner of Westcott) 2nd Floor

Artist At Work Dates:
Th3 – Thursdays, November 19 & December 17, 2009 from 5 – 8 PM
Slideshows of additional works found on the S.P.A. web site and demonstrations of how the web site is utilized by photographers.

The Syracuse Photography Association proudly presents a collection of photographic images at their 2nd Annual collaborative gallery exhibit.
Creatively capturing images from the commonplace to the unexpected, photographers catch the light and special moments in time. This collection of images, all 16” x 20”, will serve to captivate your eye and draw you in closer to view a new world in each color/black & white photo.

“These are some of the most beautiful photographs I’ve ever seen,” says Steve Susman, Director of the Westcott Community Center and a Professional photographer.

It is safe to say that each image is a labor of love, born out of an enthusiasm to create something new and wonderful.

The Westcott Community Gallery is free and open to the public from 9 – 5 on weekdays of by appointment.

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