Syracuse Family Secrets, a film series in Spanish with English subtitles

staff reports 12/01/09
The students of the SPA 302 class invite you to Family Secrets, a film series that explores family dynamics and histories from three different countries. All of the films will be screened in Spanish with English subtitles.

We will discuss the connections between political atmosphere, among other outside factors, and how they affect the families in the movies. They are faced with hardships, but what happens when the family secrets are revealed? Each movie takes place in a different country and provides diverse cultural perspectives.

There are three movies in the film series. We will present one movie per day (below, you will find the complete list of movies and important information). After viewing each movie, we will discuss its important themes and incorporate our own personal experiences into the conversation. We will also enjoy food and refreshments, compliments of La Casita.

We are attaching your invitation for the first film in the series, this Friday at 5:30 pm (not at 4:30pm, sorry)!

To arrive at Blodgett School from Syracuse University, you can take the “Connective Corridor” bus-

- The Film Series -

Friday, December 4th

5:30- 7:30PM

Blodgett School Cafeteria

La Historia Oficial (The Official History)

Luis Puenzo



Friday, December 11th

5:30- 7:00PM

Blodgett School Cafeteria

Raíces de mi Corazón (Roots of My Heart)

Gloria Rolando



Wednesday, December 16th

5:30- 7:30PM

La Cafetería de la Escuela Blodgett


Pedro Almodóvar



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