Five plays for Christmas at Armory Square Playhouse

staff reports 12/12/09
This is a benefit for Friends of Dorothy

Sunday, Dec. 13 at 1 p.m.
Jazz Central, 441 E. Washington St. in Syracuse
(minimum $5 donation)

Five new short plays about the holiday season written and produced by the playwrights who make up Armory Square Playhouse.

The Miracle by Joel Potash
Hiding Christmas by Amy Doherty
366 by Peter Moller
All I want for Christmas by Kathy Kramer
Midnight Snow Falls Softly by Donna Stuccio

What is Dorothy House?
Friends of Dorothy is a initiative to be supportive of people with AIDS. Since October of 1992 it has offered home-based care to people with AIDS in a variety of ways, including recuperative or hospice care, supportive housing and emergency assistance.

The primary focus has been on hospice care. There is an informal relationship with Hospice of CNY. Dorothy's guest becomes their client, with Hospice providing medical care and nurse visits. Where as Dorothy Hosue is the primary care givers, much like extended family members.

"While we try to offer hospitality to one hospice patient at a time, we sometimes are able to take in two at once. We try to remain flexible, and meet the needs of each of our guests to the best of our ability."

None of its guests are charged in any way for the services provided. Dorothy House is solely dependent on the financial support received from individuals in the community. For more info:

It is a Cahotlic Worker House. The Catholic Worker, a laypersonís movement started in the 1930s by Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day, has become a model and challenge to many who seek to live out, here and now, the social values of the Christian gospels.

Armory Square playhouse is a member of the Arts and Culture Leadership Alliance of Central New York

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