Loren Barrigar's Chillaxin' at the Redhouse

Ellen Leahy 12/16/09More articles
Loren Barrigar at his initial CD release party in Elbridge. Photo by Tim Leahy.
Loren Barrigar is busting out his new CD in Syracuse - "Chillaxin'" - at the RedHouse on West Street in Armory Square. Tickets are priced @$15 General Admission $12 for students and seniors.

"Loren's played the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. His songs have been on "ER" and on holiday releases with BB King and Patti Labelle. He's played with Stephen Bennett, Dusty Pascal and Tommy Emmanuel. Now it's our turn." the Red House.

"I will have my new CD Chillaxiní with me for sale and would love to see some folks come out," Loren Barrigar said. "I want to thank all that came to the church on Dec.5th for the CD Concert-it was an overwhelming turnout-Thanks so much for the support."

If you would like to get advance tickets to Loren Barrigar's solo show at The Red House on Saturday Night December 19 contact Mike at 425-0405 ext.16 {or he may answer the phone directly}For tickets you may visit the Web site at

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