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staff reports 01/12/10
Connie Carroll, “Chasing the Sun,” Acrylic.
A new collection of works by noted illustrator and painter Connie Carroll will be featured in Delavan Art Gallery’s Wild Card show, on view Jan. 21 through Feb. 27. “Serious Art for Children” opens with a reception on Thursday, Jan. 21 (Th3) from 5 to 8 p.m..

Carroll has created this new series for children of any age, and it is meant to encourage an appreciation for the arts even in young children. According to Carroll, “Art given to a child should not be irrelevant outside the nursery. The work should be enduring and feel appropriate displayed in their future home or office, whatever age they are.” She suggests that exposing children to art at a young age can teach them that art has value, and can serve as an introduction into the world of collecting fine art. Carroll explains that “Children have a right to good art, are entitled to be introduced to it and educated about it.”

This latest group of paintings bears the same lighthearted and whimsical approach as her previous work. The work in this series adds colorful dimension to common enjoyable experiences or fantasies for children, such as space travel or other adventures. In her artist statement, Carroll thanks “children of all ages, from one to one hundred” for joining her in exploring the fantasies depicted in these paintings.

Though Carroll’s educational background is in illustration, she views her paintings from a fine art standpoint. She says, “To me, art is art if the formal elements of art are being employed. My version of Rene Descartes’ quote is: I create, therefore I am. I love to make pictures.”

In her own words, Carroll describes the subject matter she chooses as “somewhat irrelevant, but is simply used to tell a story of color and composition.” She typically uses bold, primary, vibrant color combined with some drawing that is achieved by scratching through layers of paint, creating a more dimensional picture. “

Carroll has exhibited at the International Licensing Show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City and at the Wendy Rosen Show in Philadelphia, PA. Her illustrative design works have been
commissioned by such companies as American Art Stamp in Torrance, CA; Earlville Opera House, Earlville, NY; and Girls, Inc. Magazine. She has designed billboards for Delavan Art Gallery, where also her “Cards by Connie” have sold very well and she has exhibited previously in the Wild Card space. Delavan is just one of many galleries across the country where Carroll has sold her illustrative design works.

Carroll’s Wild Card opening on January 21 coincides with the opening of Delavan Art Gallery’s main exhibition, titled “Art: 2003 – 2009.” This exhibition features work by some of the many artists who have previously exhibited at Delavan Art Gallery.

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