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Prolific painter and photographer Larry Hoyt is exhibiting 19 photos, six paintings, and two drawings, but really folks who’s counting? The important number is Jan. 30, as that is when the show must come down.

This exhibit includes some of Hoyt’s older works, including photos of iconic Syracuse figures such as Rush Tattered, Annette DeSantis, Jeff Davies, Dennis Riley, Krazy Kris and Dennis Friscia.

There are a few recent photo portraits, including two of vocalist Kerri Pickard-Depriest.

The Central Library, in the Galleries of Syracuse is on the 400 block of South Salina Street, and is open at 9 a.m., Monday thru Saturday. It closes at 5 p.m. on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Central Library closes at 7:30 p.m.

And much of this artwork is for sale, “If you purchase a work, I cannot in good conscience say that you’d be supporting a starving artist, but you would be supporting a struggling artist -- someone who continues to create and exhibit original art, and is looking to make at least enough money from this endeavor to pay for the printing and framing of the works,” Hoyt said.

More info: ocpl.lib.ny.us or NewFolkNow@netscape.net

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