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A special ribbon cutting ceremony was held for the opening of the Lockheed Martin Flight & Space exhibit at the MOST on Thursday, Jan. 28. The sneak preview event was held for Lockheed Martin employees and their families as a thank you for their $440,000 contribution to the construction of the new exhibit.

New York State Senator David J. Valesky and Congressman Dan Maffei, both large supporters of the MOST, attended the event. Representing Lockheed Martin were
Dr. Douglas H. Reep, Director of Airborne Early Warning Radar and Advanced Programs and Carl P. Bannar, Vice President and General Manager of Radar Systems.

Opening today, Jan 30, the Lockheed Martin Flight & Space exhibit captures the dreams of aviation and space exploration.

Flight & Space is designed to inspire the creative minds of young people and develop an appreciation of dreams, inventors, and science. Perhaps a future pilot, astronaut or engineer exists within the many young people who will encounter the enjoyment of flight that Flight & Space provides.

“The level of this hands-on interactive exhibit makes Flight & Space a one-of-a-kind adventure,” said Larry Leatherman, MOST President. “We aim to encourage science discovery by placing the flight controls into the hands of our visitors.”

Guests can climb into the cockpit of an F-16 jet and use the controls to make a model F-16 dip, dive, and fly. Raise your landing gear for takeoff and lower it for landing all while you control one of the most famous jets in history.

Guide a plane on to the runway of Hancock International Airport in the MOST Control Tower. Monitor radar to clear planes for landing, and then hold your breath as their landing gear makes impact and comes to a stop. Learn about navigational controls and the importance of radar systems to the safety of air travel.

Move amongst the planets of our solar system and stand alongside a three-story scale model of the Atlas V, a hard-working rocket that is scheduled to be an integral part of mankind’s return to the moon.

Lockheed Martin contributed $440,000 to this exciting project through donations from Lockheed Martin MS2, the Lockheed Martin Corporate Foundation and the Lockheed Martin Employees Federated Fund.

“Lockheed Martin and its employees are proud to sponsor the MOST’s new Flight & Space Exhibit. We feel it is important to support institutions and programs that bring the excitement of science to life for young people,” said Carl Bannar, Vice President and General Manager of Lockheed Martin Radar Systems. “Fun, engaging educational experiences, like this new exhibit, inspire all of us to learn more and help create the next generation of engineers, scientists and teachers.”

Also instrumental in the MOST’s ability to create this new exhibit was funding through New York State Senator David Valesky’s office.

“The MOST is a valuable and important resource for the Central New York community,” said Senator Valesky. “It plays a critical role in ensuring Central New York's continuing focus on education, and specifically on math and science. The results will have a dramatic long-term impact on our local economy. I’m proud to be a part of their renovation project.”

This is the fifth in a series of six hands-on interactive exhibits that were designed as part of our Making More of the MOST capital campaign. Nearly $6.4 million of the $8.9 million goal has been raised to date, making the installation of these exhibits possible. The sixth and final new exhibit, Energy, is anticipated in late 2010. The MOST’s commitment to inspire all generations through hands-on education and entertainment has paved the way for these thrilling and highly-interactive exhibits. Flight & Space follows this tradition and will have you in control of the action.

In addition to the substantial support received from Lockheed Martin and Senator Valesky, Flight & Space is sponsored in part by SRCTec, Young & Franklin/Tactair, The Dorothy and Marshall M. Reisman Foundation, Sensis Corporation and MCL Industries.

For more information on Flight & Space and our other exhibits and programs please visit www.most.org.

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