Valentine's Day Special at the Palace

staff reports 02/08/10
On Sunday afternoon at 4:00 PM, February 14th, the classic "An American in Paris" screens at the Palace Theatre on James Street in Eastwood. With a dazzling score and songs by George Gershwin, the 1951 MGM film is directed by Vincente Minnelli and stars Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron and Oscar Levant.

This Valentine's Day special event is part of the Syracuse International Film Festival's monthly programming at The Palace. Sunday's event includes a champagne and dessert reception (home-made pies by SYRFILM's board members), and a discussion after the screening with SYRFILM director Owen Shapiro, who says the film is an early example of feminism in film. Tickets are $20/couple for the entire event ($7 for the movie only).

Proceeds from this event will be shared with the Jewish Community Center's new teen center in Shoppingtown, The SPOT, said SYRFILM producer Christine Fawcett-Shapiro.

She noted that the festival plans to share proceeds of these monthly events with a different community recipient each time. Last month SYRFILM held a screening and DVD launch party for the popular festival film from the Czech Republic, "Skritek," at the Palace and partnered for that event with SyracuseFirst. On February 26th, SYRFILM will host the East Coast premiere of Rob Nilsson's film "Imbued". Nilsson's work was highlighted at last year's festival and last month was part of a special retrospective at Anthology Film Archives in New York City.

Watch the original trailer of "An American in Paris" to refresh your memory of this classic. Who could ask for anything more?

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