Australian Filmmaker to Screen Documentary at Le Moyne College

staff reports 02/23/10
Le Moyne College will host Australian artist and filmmaker George Gittoes on Wednesday, March 3, at 4 p.m. in the Reilley Room, located in Reilly Hall.

Gittoes will screen his documentary “Soundtrack to War,” which focuses on the role music plays in the lives of U.S. soldiers fighting in Iraq and which centers around spontaneous musical performances by some of those soldiers. Gittoes will also show some stills to a companion piece to “Soundtrack to War,” a film in progress titled “Comic War,” a documentary about the artwork that U.S. soldiers in Kuwait have painted onto T-Walls, creating, in effect, a massive open-air gallery. Gittoes will be on hand to discuss his work and to solicit feedback about the work in progress from those in attendance.

George Gittoes is one of Australia’s foremost figurative painters. He has won a number of prestigious awards, and has been invited to represent Australia in major international exhibitions and artist residency programs. In 1997 he was awarded an Order of Australia for his contribution to the arts and international relations.

For further information, call Phillip Novak at 445-4395 or email at novakpp@lemoyne.edu.

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