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staff reports 03/26/10
Stephen Chalmers Exhibition "Unmarked"

Exhibition Dates: March 22 - May 29
Gallery Reception: Thursday, April 1, 5-7pm (Limited free reception parking available, RSVP 315-443-1300)

Light Work announced its new exhibition Unmarked, featuring photographs by Stephen Chalmers.

The large-format landscape photographs in Unmarked connect remembrance and the land by investigating the locations where serial killers abandoned the bodies of their victims. Photographing these places in a deliberately generic manner, Chalmers presents beautiful but ambiguous landscapes that seem to conflict with our certain knowledge that something terrible ended at these sites.

By inviting viewers to gaze directly on the sites of untimely and tragic deaths, Chalmers gives them courage to confront their fears about the end of life and its remembrance. The sites are referred to as dumpsites, a term made popular by both law enforcement agents as well as television crime dramas. By acknowledging these dumpsites and the people who died there through his images, Chalmers lifts a stigma that unceremoniously draws a line of remembrance between those who died by intentional acts of violence and those who did not.

While Chalmers treads on sensitive ground as he explores and documents dumpsites in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, he hopes to exchange sensational headlines and the inevitable scandal tied to such sites with something more meaningful. Instead, he offers an elegant memorial that shifts the viewer's gaze away from infamy and back to the humanity of the victims. Chalmers writes, "As a latecomer who has visited these sites months or years after the event and the associated media coverage, one is immediately struck by the absence of spectacle, the beauty of the sites, and their silence and stillness."

Stephen Chalmers' work is featured in Contact Sheet 156, available for preview and purchase through Light Work's Online Store. The catalogue will be available at the gallery reception.

Opportunities for Artists

Artist-in-Residence Program
Light Work is currently accepting applications for the Artist-in-Residence Program. Each year Light Work invites 12-15 artists to participate in its residency program. Artists selected for the residency program are invited to live in Syracuse for one month. They receive a $4,000 stipend along with a $500 credit for printing at Community Darkrooms. Light Work supplies an apartment to stay in, private darkroom space, 24-hour access to our facility, and significant staff support. Participants are expected to use their month to pursue their own projects: photographing in the area, printing, book or portfolio preparation, etc. All artists working in photography and related media are eligible to apply to the Light Work Artist-in-Residence Program. Light Work is also seeking applications from artists with multimedia or video projects.

Artist-in-Residence Program

Local Artists: Light Work Grants in Photography
Just a reminder that the deadline for the Light Work Grants in Photography competition is March 31, 2010. Drop off your application at Light Work or postmark it by that date. As a special offer, if you plan to attend the gallery reception at Light Work on April 1 (celebrating our exhibitions featuring work by Stephen Chalmers and Karen Halverson), we will accept your application then as well.

Three $2,000 grants will be awarded to photographers, critics, or photo-historians that reside within an approximate 50-mile radius of Syracuse, NY. The recipients of these grants are invited to display their work in a special exhibition at the Light Work Gallery, and their work will also be reproduced in Light Work's award-winning publication, Contact Sheet.

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