The Uncertainty Principles: The Fusion of Art & Physics

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Max Planck Acylric on Canvas, 4 x 2.5 ft. is one of a collection of painting by Christopher Corey from "The Uncertainty Principles: The Fusion of Art & Physics."
Attend the exhibition of "The Uncertainty Principles: The Fusion of Art & Physics" at The Sugar Pearl Café & Lounge 600 Burnet Ave., Syracuse.

The artist reception of these Large Format Pop Paintings by Christopher Corey will be held on Friday April 9 at 7 p.m.

Free Admission, Food, Coffee, Music, Physics and ART.

Witness The Initial and Future State of Artistic Creation. Work exhibited until Tues April 20. For further Information call The Sugar Pearl Café at 422.7427 or go to: www.sugarpearl.org.

What the artist says about "The Uncertainty Principles: The Fusion of Art & Physics."

Upon survey…8 portraits…a visual representation…of the Men who made "New Physics." Spacious images meant as appreciation of genius…but not just in physics…but in all mediums of artistic creation…These Principles…these great individuals… responsible for the greatest advance in their discipline…a handful of physicists…who gave birth to quantum mechanics…are as well "off the scale."

Characters, whose intellectual productions were singular…yet whose accomplishments are testimony to the capabilities of the human mind…These men…these artists of the universal field…who sought for the fundamental constitutes of matter…in an attempt to find simplicity in the complexity of this world…represent one of the most precious elements of our culture… an enterprise that represents one of the few things that give the rare enduring meaning to our seemingly absurd lives.

Albert Einstein…Erwin Schrödinger…Werner Heisenberg… Niels Bohr…Louis De Brolgie…Paul Dirac…Arthur Eddington…and Max Planck are not merely depicted on canvas but come together as a single unit…an installation and my statement and confirmation that in the presence of their portrayal…in the instant you find them surrounding you…both physics and art are whole…in a perfect state of equilibrium…constant and invariable, uniform and unvarying…on …their productions to radiate forever through my own…

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