Weismore presents new works at Westcott Community Center

staff reports 04/04/10
The Westcott Community Art Gallery is proud to present Michael Weismore “New Works” from April 8 - May 12.

Opening Reception Friday, April 9th, 6 - 8 PM

Michael Weismore is proud to bring 25 of his new original abstract oil paintings to the Westcott Art Gallery. Included in the 25 is a set of 10 paintings titled “Ode to Pollock. For this group of paintings, Weismore has incorporated Jackson Pollock’s drip technique over his own original paintings.

ABOUT THE ARTIST:Michael Weismore

Artist, Michael Weismore has a form of color blindness that affects less then 1% of people. Color blindness has only “hindered” one of his paintings. He accidentally painted the sky and trees purple in an ocean landscape. It ended up being one of the first paintings of his that was ever sold by an art dealer.

Michael’s journey with abstract artwork really broke open one day after he completed one of his landscape paintings. He took his leftover paint and started to cover a canvas by flinging and spraying the paint onto it. Michael was hooked, and soon only concentrated on abstract paintings.

In 2006, Michael was pleased to be commissioned to do a painting for rock and roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis.
A few years later, In the summer of 2009, Michael received the 2009 Best Abstract Award from the Everson Museum in Syracuse.

His career in art started at age 24, when without any knowledge or training in arts, he started painting landscapes on the porch of his parent's house.

Michael Weismore's paintings can now be seen in galleries and museums across the country.

The Westcott Community Art Gallery is Free and open to the public Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM or by appointment

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