Mark Doyle & The ManiacsRelease "Comin' Home" at Red House

staff reports 04/23/10

Mark Doyle & the Maniacs will perform at the Red House Arts Center to promote the release of their new CD, Comin' Home. Inspired by the 1960's British Blues Boom, Comin' Home will feature mostly original music. Mark Doyle and the Maniacs will perform on Saturday, May 22 at 8PM.

Mark Doyle has had an interesting and varied career in the music business. His first band, Jukin' Bone, was signed to RCA when Mark was still in his late 'teens, and went on to make two obscure albums hailed by Creem Magazine as seminal classics of early '70's hard rock. Since the breakup of Jukin' Bone, Mark found his niche as lead guitarist/arranger/right-hand man for a series of brilliant and eccentric singer/songwriters. Mark has gone on to record and tour with artists as varied as Meat Loaf, Bryan Adams, Judy Collins, Leo Sayer, and Hall & Oates.

Mark Doyle & the Maniacs came together as a way to preserve and respect the great music of the British Blues Boom era of the Sixties. The Maniacs are Jack "Penetrator" Lipton (lead vocals), Terry Quill (guitar), Michael P. Ryan (vocals, bass guitar), and Frank DeFonda (percussion) in addition to Doyle himself.

Mark Doyle & the Maniacs perform on Saturday, May 22 at 8PM at the Red House Arts Center. Their new CD, Comin' Home will be available for purchase at the show. For tickets, visit www.theredhouse.org/programs/music or call 425-0405, Monday through Friday, 10am - 5pm.

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