Jeff Kramer was married in Skaneateles

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This motivated him to write the funniest play in the world.

The Post-Standard’s humor columnist Jeff Kramer is shamelessly using his Skaneateles wedding to plug his new play. It opens June 15 at The Redhouse in Armory Square and will run for two weekends including a Sunday matinee.

“It’s about a guy who backs out of getting a vasectomy, but can’t bring himself to tell his wife,” Kramer said. “I’m touting it as the funniest play in the history of the world.”

The play, “Lowdown Lies,” is a production of the Armory Square Playhouse, which will take a step beyond its usual script-in-hand readings programs and present a full production of this new comedy. The cast features Central New York diva Moe Harrington, Jenn Flynn, Mark Eischen and Brendon Cole. Len Fonte, who is also a playwright, is the director.

“Moe has been disappointing as a diva. She’s approachable, fun, hard-working and eager to share the credit with her three wonderfully talented co-stars, Moe Prop 1 (male), Moe Prop 2 (female) and Moe Prop 3 (male). It’s disillusioning to all of us. Excuse me. I’ve gotta go. Moe’s calling … ”

Kramer is the son-in-law of Skaneateles residents Robert and Sally Neumann. But given the subject matter, he thought better of playing this trump card, as it could make for awkward holiday celebrations. Not that these celebrations aren’t already awkward having Kramer as a son-in-law.

“I was married in Skaneateles - it says so right on my marriage license,” he said.

For reservations contact:
The play, produced by Armory Square Playhouse, runs at 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, June 15, 16, and 22, 23. Sunday matinees begin at 2 p.m. June 17 and 24. Tickets are $15 regular and $12 for seniors and students. For tickets or more on Kramer go to www.theredhouse.org or phone 425-0405.

‘Lowdown Lies’ will celebrate Father’s Day with a terrible tie contest:

In honor of Father’s Day, all fathers who attend the 2 p.m. Sunday, June 17, performance of Jeff Kramer’s original play “Lowdown Lies” at Redhouse will receive a free ugly tie.

The show’s intermission will feature a “Terrible Tie Tying Contest” between author Kramer, production director Len Fonte and selected audience members.

“These aren’t just bad ties,” first-time playwright Kramer said. “They’re atrocious. We’ve scoured thrift shops and even our own closets for ties that veritably scream ‘incinerate me now!’”

Kramer’s two daughters will hand out the ugly ties, because, according to Kramer, they need to learn “that life isn’t just about butterflies and princesses.”

“The contest winner will receive a second ugly tie,” Armory Square Playhouse Artistic Director David Feldman said. “We’ve found they are excellent for shining shoes, so the lucky winner will get one for each foot.”

No theme ties or gag ties will be allowed, according to Kramer.

“We’re only giving away ties that were once believed to be attractive or at least acceptable, which makes them even more awful.”

Note: No Skaneateles ties rated inclusion in this event.

About the virgin playwright
Jeff Kramer, a former football player, has never been convicted of a felony. He was married in Skaneateles and writes an award-winning humor column for the Post-Standard. “Lowdown Lies” is his first play, so far.

A native of Seattle, Wash. and a graduate of Western Washington University, Kramer, 45, makes his home in Jamesville, with his wife, Leigh, and their two daughters, Miranda and Lily; and Nate the Dog. They are all related to Skaneateles residents Robert and Sally Neumann, as daughter, grandchildren and grand dog respectively, and, oh yeah, son-in-law.

During a 20-plus year newspaper career, he has written for The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register in California. Interesting the Post Standard isn’t mentioned in this list?

A native English speaker, Kramer enjoys drinking juice directly from the carton and speaking in generalities.

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