A Night of Terror

11/08/06 is proud to present a comedic tribute to the 1980s stoner classics by screening the official East Coast Premier to Charles Bands “Evil Bong” at The Palace Theatre at 11 p.m. Friday, Nov. 10.
The film stars stoner legend Tommy Chong. got a chance to interview Charles Band at his Horror Road Show stop in Buffalo on Oct. 11. His interview will be presented along with details on his current projects before the first feature.
After “Evil Bong,” there will be screenings of two films on 35mm. The second is a special TBA film to be announced on the week of the event. The third film will be a premier Upstate New York screening of the 1980 ultra gory Italian Zombie Classic “Burial Ground.”
Available for sale will be limited edition Full Moon merchandise including Puppet Master Figures, DVDs and T-Shirts, and a separate table will offer other DVD titles where proceeds will be donated towards next years Shaun Luu Horror Fest.
There are two goals to this event. One is to bring attention to Syracuse and the Palace by giving Charles Band, the director who jumped started the careers of Demi Moore, Stan Winston and Helen Hunt, a chance to have a premier screening of one of his films. The other is to have fun. A great turnout for this event may lead to more premier screenings, a visit by him, and or one of his productions coming into the area bringing with it jobs and publicity. For more info on Charles Bands 30-plus year filmmaking career go to
Admission to the Night of Terror Film Fest is $8. For additional information, contact or 436-4723.

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