Spike Heels (2)

Syracuse Stage delves into the sometimes complex minefield of contemporary male-female relationships with Spike Heels, a witty, tart and compelling adult comedy by Theresa Rebeck (author of last season's comic delight Bad Dates), running now
through Feb. 4 at Syracuse Stage. Staged by Artistic Director Robert Moss, Spike
Heels is sponsored by InterV.
Set in present-day Boston, the play focuses on the mixed-up, complicated relationships of four friends. Georgie is an attractive, street-savvy woman with a penchant for stiletto heels that make prizes of her legs. She lives in the same apartment complex as Andrew, a political philosophy professor writing a book. The two meet by the mailboxes one day and become unlikely friends. Andrew takes Georgie under his wing and helps her land a job as a secretary with his friend Edward, a lawyer. However, when Edward sexually
harasses Georgie, the situation turns volatile. The fact that Andrew is engaged to Edward's ex-girlfriend Lydia complicates things even further.
Tickets for Spike Heels range in price from $22 to $45 and are available now by calling
the Syracuse Stage Box Office at 443-3275 or visiting the website SyracuseStage.org.

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