OHS students donate to ARC

Abbey Woodcock 03/25/09More articles
From left (and holding the giant check) are: Kathy Campbell, Director of the Early Learning Center at Madison Cortland ARC; Patty Vaccaro, of the Oneida High School Guidance Office; and Cory Aubeuf-Loucks, a classroom aide at Madison Cortland ARC's Early Learning Center. Ms. Aubeuf-Loucks is holding the hand of Zachary Streeter who is being held by his mother, Jennifer Streeter.
Madison Cortland ARC was happy to receive nearly $400 from students and staff at Oneida High School. Students, under the leadership of math teacher Jennifer Streeter, collected money from High School staff each time the faculty wore jeans to work.

Jennifer Streeter’s son, Zachary, attended Madison Cortland ARC’s Early Learning Center.

“We are very grateful to receive this money from Oneida High School,” said Kathy Campbell, Director of the Early Learning Center at Madison Cortland ARC, “This money will be used to fund the purchase of toys and equipment that will be used by autistic children in our programs.”

The Early Learning Center provides therapeutic services to children aged birth to five years. A wide array of services offered include, but are not limited to: service coordination, speech/language therapy and physical therapy.

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