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Forrest SeGuin works to finish a survey on Wilson Cove Road in the town of Sullivan. (Martha E. Conway)
SeGuin Land Surveying PLLC recently acquired the records of Ryan Survey a large local surveying firm that he worked at in 1987. Ryan Survey’s records include records from many other large, prominent local surveyors who used to work in the Syracuse area, such as Rowell and Associates, Roswell Cull and Associates, Lou Jones, and Gursky & Ryan Surveyors.

Forrest SeGuin, owner of SeGuin Land Surveying, said these records cover much of Madison County and parts of Onondaga County, particularly the eastern and northern suburbs. He said those records have a great deal of history on the properties and their boundaries in these areas.

“I want people to know their records are still here and intact,” SeGuin said.

Having original surveying documents can simplify updating surveys and performing other work, SeGuin said.

SeGuin, born and raised in Fremont, graduated from East Syracuse-Minoa High School and from Mohawk Valley Community College with a degree in surveying technology. SeGuin said he discovered surveying through a high school interest survey. He said more than 20 years later, he’s got no regrets in his pursuit of the field.

Prior to obtaining his professional land surveyors license, SeGuin worked in Utica for the city’s engineer department and Stetson-Harza, a worldwide company headquartered in Chicago. While at Stetson-Harza, SeGuin worked on many large engineering projects from a new water reservoir for New York City to surveys throughout the Adirondacks for waterline and hydropower projects.

After living in hotels for months at a time, SeGuin returned to settle down in the area in which he grew up, working for a few local surveyors to round off his 20-plus years experience in surveying.

In 1999, he obtained his PLSL and opened his own surveying company.

SeGuin said he has gathered diverse surveying experience, ranging from large engineering and land subdivision projects to working out complicated boundary issues.

SeGuin said the work requires a mix of outdoor field work, research at County Clerks’ offices and work out of his home office. The job begins with trying to get back to the original title and following the history to how lots and parcels were cut up, SeGuin said.

“I bring that information into the field and start looking for boundary evidence,” SeGuin said.

Surveying is a service needed by developers, lawyers, landowners, engineers and architects, SeGuin said. Some of the other services he offers are boundary line surveys, mortgage surveys, surveys for flood regulations and construction layout.

Some of the surveying projects SeGuin led since opening his own surveying business 10 years ago are a 58-lot subdivision on Morgan Road, as well as large engineering surveys for sewer and water line projects. Along with these projects are the day-to-day jobs consisting of residential or commercial lot surveys and boundary stake-outs.

SeGuin said one of the things his clients have appreciated over the years is his personal involvement in all facets of the project from start to finish. He uses state-of-the-art technology, such as global positioning satellite and robotic instrumentation to perform field work, followed by the latest in office automation.

“The result is a seamless and comprehensive flow of data that is carried from field to finish on projects,” SeGuin said.

When not surveying, SeGuin said he enjoys coaching and staying involved with his children’s sports, hunting and fishing and participating in his local community activities, such as the Chittenango Creek Walk and Neighborhood Trails Committee, a group that is trying to connect neighborhoods together through a trail system.

SeGuin and his wife live in the Chittenango area with their three children.

For more information on SeGuin Land Surveying or Ryan Survey records, call SeGuin at 263-1642 or e-mail seguin@dreamscape.com.

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