B'ville: Flowers in bloom

Joy Swenson 05/01/09More articles
Last year, village officials gave the Baldwinsville Women’s Garden Club money to buy flowers for village entryways. The club purchased the bulbs and planted them, and now tulips and daffodils can be seen as visitors and residents enter Baldwinsville. A beautiful showing of the project is pictured at Gateway Entry Park. Garden club members are hoping bulbs planted near the information booth along NYS Canal Lock 24 will be blooming during the upcoming CARP Tournament Series Northeast Regional, which will be held May 13 to 16 along the Seneca River.

Perennial plant sale
The Baldwinsville Women’s Garden Club will host their annual perennial plant sale from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday May 30 (rain or shine) at the River Mall, next to P&C, on Downer St. in Baldwinsville. Garden club members offer plants from their gardens for sale. Call 635-3602.

Garden club meeting
The Baldwinsville Women’s Garden Club will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday May 7 at McHarrie Town Center, 2464 Rifts Drive (Off Canton Street) in Baldwinsville. The speaker will be Kimberly D. Cameron, PhD and she will speak about the "Willow Biomass Project” run by SUNY ESF to produce fuel through the use of the renewable willow. Call 635-3602.

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