Predicting Syracuse: Tough, but good year ahead

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Syracuse tarot reading for 2010
Syracuse tarot reading for 2010
12 images in the Syracuse tarot reading for 2010 album

Morgan reads tarot on the new mayor, Destiny, SU football

The first time Morgan shuffled the Tarot cards for readings to help City Eagle contemplate the prospects for a coming year was 2007. The Transformation card indicated stagnation for the Salt City, she observed, with residents and business using each other as reasons to leave town.

There was hope, however, for Destiny, as she laid out a 3, 5 and 9 of Swords to foretell the need for patience, but a healing and working out for both the city and the developer. But the five-card alignment conjuring the fortunes of the Orange football season found quick dismissal for too much freelancing.

The following year Morgan was grinning before turning over the first card. “The steel is going up,” she noted of her right on projection of Destiny’s doings. The 2008 emergence of the Prince of Swords upside down indicated even more patience would be required for continued progress. Last year she noted that Destiny’s devil would indeed be in the details, and correctly predicted an alum factor would be the major element for SU’s gridiron. Her reading of the coming mayor’s race was hampered in that only Bea Gonzalez and Alfonso Davis had declared, but the cards showed that many voters would lose interest because the candidates would seem to be saying the same things.

This year Morgan’s readings promised significant opportunity for movement on all fronts, especially for new Mayor Stephanie Miner’s initial administrative efforts.

And it should be noted that Morgan is experiencing significant movement of her own. This year she sat for City Eagle in her small reading room at Seven Rays Bookstore, which is scheduled to move to Walton Street in Armory Square next month. In previous years she did readings for these pages in her window seat at the Enchanted Bazaar, which recently moved next door to the Dinasour BarBQ on Franklin Street.

What’s in the cards for the first year of the Miner administration?

Excitement. She’s creating a stir, coming in at a very good time. I’m looking at the Will card right side up. Everything’s open. Everything’s free. Queen of Swords.

She’s testing the limits of what they’ll let her get away with. She can shake things up if she wants to. That’s the Emperor at the start in the center. Lot of things happening in the Spring. Winter is a testing ground. Eight of Cups: leaving the old ways behind. The Moon, right side up: There’s going to be some trials and tribulations.

Something personal is coming up for her as well. It’s not going to be an easy time, but the old boys club is falling apart. It’s been too corrupt for too long. She’s shaking this up.

She’s not trying to dismantle it completely, but making it evolve to something better.

Will Destiny continue to be one of those trials and tribulations?

She’s not going to play ball the way Matt did. She’s putting the burr under the saddle. She wants to see more progress. She’s not going to play along with, “It’s going to take longer. It’s going to take longer. It’s going to take longer.” I see, “Put your money where your mouth is.”

Destiny itself, partially because of the economy, people aren’t buying the idea. They see it as taking over half the city. What I see here is between the logic and the money, the developer should get more exercise and watch his diet. The banks are feeling the pinch and the cost of everything, including building, is going up, and they weren’t anticipating it. The King of Swords is about the logistics. The King of Penticles is about the money.

They’re right side up—they want to see this work. There’ still room for success, but people have to get excited about it again.

Last year you nailed the alum connection {Coach Doug Marone} and the discipline factor as pivotal for SU football. What’s in the cards for the coming season?

He’s still waiting for the other shoe to drop. He hasn’t opened all the doors, yet. He’s got the ambition, but he still thinks he’s tied down too much. He still doesn’t feel quite comfortable in the position, to the point where he says, “OK, I can rewrite this whole play book and make it my own.” That’s what he needs to do. The Fool Card is central. He’s got the knowledge. He’s got the inspiration.

He needs to let loose and shake things up even more. The Magician reversed. This is my only worry for him, that he’s going to let too many cooks into the kitchen. The King of Wands reversed. This is how outside influences are seeing him. If he can show them more, if he can break out of the old ways of how things are being seen, he’ll be golden. Two of Wands. Time to be the maverick, and people will get excited.

People will get really excited if there’s economic development. Anything in the cards for that?

King of Cups reversed. The need to work out logistics.

Have a framework. Prince of Penticles: Seeing things fresh. It’s the crossroads. Be the child. Ask why? Why hasn’t something been done. There may be good reasons why something hasn’t been done. But children don’t look at things like that. We need to be the kids here. We need to try everything. Use the knowledge we have here as adults as the base. Three Penticles sitting right here touching.

The money’s going to be there. Ace of Wands. Spring. The influx of energy. We don’t like to start things in Wintertime. We’ll be working with grass-roots here. It’s mostly coming in around energy industries. I’m seeing here, utilize the engineers.

Walt Shepperd is the City Eagle’s Senior Editor. Reach him at city@cnylink.com.

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