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Doug Campbell 01/25/10More articles
Cazenovia Area Community Development Association is currently distributing copies of the recent publication, “Local Farms – Resources Worth Protecting.” The booklet provides interesting information about the role agriculture plays in our local economy and the benefits of supporting local farms.

This publication was produced by CACDA in cooperation with the American Farmland Trust. Other contributors were Madison County Cooperative Extension, Planning Department, Agricultural Economic Development, and Ag and Farmland Protection Board, as well as many area farmers and agricultural business owners. Local technical assistance was provided by Johnson Communications and Camp Design. Funding for the publication was provided by the Central New York Community Foundation and Northeast SARE.

Copies of the “Farm Book” are available at many area locations, including Cazenovia and New Woodstock Public Libraries, Cazenovia College Library, Troyer’s Country Store, municipal offices and other locations. When you pick up a booklet, please remember to return the green survey card located in the rear pocket. Contact assistant@cacda.net or call 655-7532 to receive a copy by mail.

CACDA enhances economic vitality and preserves the rural, historic character of our region through education, consensus-building and project implementation.

CACDA thanks 2009 supporters
Every year, Cazenovia Area Community Development Association acknowledges its supporters. To invest online, visit cacda.net or send a check to CACDA, 95 Albany St., Cazenovia.

Abbott Farms, Air Innovations, Richard and Marilyn Alberding, Wilbur and Janette Albrect, Kristi Andersen, Tom Anderson and Marc Schappell, Charles and Jacqueline Andrews, Robert and Liz Aronson, James, Nancy and Kimberley Asher, Atwell Mill, LLC, W. Howland Auchincloss, Aunt Bee’s Farm, Maria Babcock, Bruce and Patricia Baker, Leigh Baldwin, R. Jonathan and Faith Ball, Mark and Cynthia Barasz, Robert and Marion Barbero, Jennifer Basic, Mary Lou and Daniel Baum, Joseph and Laura Benoit, Susan and Ronald Berger, Kathleen Bice, Christi Biswanger, David Boley, Gail and Andrew Boone, Sylvia Bouscaren, Leslie and John Bowser, Brae Loch Inn, Alan Braverman, Brewster Inn, Bill and Lisette Brod, Paul and Joan Brooks, Wilma Brownback, Russ and Lisa Brownback, Lisa and Richard Bruno, BTI Travel, Craig and Carol Buckhout, Steven and NJ Burr, Eric Burrell, Amanda Bury, Buyea’s True Value, Bylund Hill Stables, LLC, Camp Design, Canastota Publishing, Canterbury Stables, LLC, Cazabu Farms, Cazenovia College, Cazenovia Equipment, Cazenovia Central Schools, Cazenovia Garden Club, Cazenovia Jewelry, Cazenovia Lake Assoc., Cazenovia Lake Foundation, Cazenovia Preservation Foundation, Cazenovia Responsible Growth, Cazenovia Republican, Cazenovia Self Storage, Caz Fitness, Cheshire Cat, Chittenango Lumber Co., Circa, Anthony Ciferni, Lyndon and Cynthia Clark, Richard Clark, Edward Clarke, Thomas Clarke, CNY Community Foundation, Kenneth Coleman, Common Thread Community Farm, Robert and Mary Connor, Bob and Bobbie Constable, Laurie and Scott Cornell, Brian and Jennifer Coughlin, W. Carroll Coyne, Linda Crawford, Sparky and Patti Christakos, Critz Farms, Scott and Bridget Cunningham, Tracie Cunningham, Paul Curtin, Marianne and Matthew Dalton, Dave’s Diner, Bertha Davies, Carol Davison, Joe Davoli, DB Landscaping, Anthony and Donna Denison, Eugen Doering and, Jean Ash, Don and Ann Doherty, Dougherty Pharmacy, Russell and Sandra Durkovic, East Syracuse Chevrolet, Robert and Mary Eckel, Jane Egan, Graham Egerton and, Anne Redfern, Robert and Pamela Ellis, Empire Management Co., Empire Tractor, Encore Wine Imports, James and Mary Evans, Irene Evans, Ronald and Nancy Farley, Anne Ferguson, Caroline and John Ferguson, Don Ferlow, Bradford and Susanne Firkins, Flowers on Main Street, french+co., Friends of Bill Magee, From the Ground Up, Ken and Julie Funk, Rick and Leigh Garber, GE Foundation, Thomas and Anne Gensler, David and Sharon Gerber, The Gifford Foundation, Marvin Goldenberg, Golden Pheasant, Greater Cazenovia Area Chamber, Ed and Joan Green, Jill Green and Bill Johnson, Nancy Green and, Tony Marschall, William Green and, Diane Whitney, Sidney and Winnie Greenberg, James and Chary Griffin, John Madden Sales, Gruet Winery, H.W. Naylor Co., Lisa Salisbury Hackley, June Haley, William and Nancy Hall, John Hancock, H. Baird Hansen, D.I. Harrison, W. Howard Hart, Suzanne Hartt, Anne Hartt-Barbey, John Haskell, James Hastie, Dean Heberlig, Patricia Heffernan, Val Heishman, Heritage Family Medicine, Heritage Farms Inc., Heron Hill Winery, Nate and Kathleen Hoak, Hobbit Hollow Farm Stables, David and Carolyn Holmes, Jonathan Holstein, Hood Family Fund, Richard Hubbard, Richard and Katherine Huftalen, Edward Hunt, Jeff and Stephanie Hunt, Laurie Hunt, John Hunter III, Richard and Marilyn Husted, Intervet Schering Plough Animal Health, Isabella, J. Smith Lanier and Co. of New York, John Ben Snow Foundation, Eric and Susie Johnson, Michael and Jessica Johnson, Dudley and Carole Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson, Johnson Brothers Lumber, Peter and Sandra Kane, Gene Kaplan, Karen and David Katleski, Joan Keilen, Key Foundation, Kimberly’s Ice Cream, Anne King, Nancy Knoff, Fred and Janet Koennecke, Fritz and Elizabeth Koennecke, John Koerner, Koerner Fund, Howard and Lynde LaFever, T. Hume and Peggy Laidman, Ary Lamme, Peter and Jane LaSure, Lavender Blue, Richard and Theckla Ledyard, Joseph and Pamela Lewis, Paul and Nancy Lightcap, Lillie Bean, Lincklaen House, Lincoln Financial Group Foundation, Lorenzo State
Historic Site, Betty Lourie, Eugene and Christine Lozner, David and Robin Lucas, Ruth Lucas, Dr. William O. Lynch, Mabie Bros., Inc., MacCopy, LLC, James Mackin, MacKinnon Liquors, Robert MacKinnon, Beezie and John Madden, Madison Co. IDA, Madison Co. Planning, Madison Co. Tourism, Marquardt Switches, Inc., Elaine and Alfred Marshall, Matthews Salon Spa, Patrick and Barbara McCall, Timothy McCall and Cynthia Stroedel, Roderick and Jana McDonald, Sally and Wallace McDonald, Pamela McFarland, Harold McGrath, Jr., Roderick and Darryl McLean, Mary and John McNeill, Meadowood Farms, Meadows Farm, Merial Limited, Steven and Anne Miller, Homer and Barbara Mills, Gail and Peter Mitchell, Monsanto Fund, Pauline Monz, Liz Moran, Charles and Elsbeth Morgan, David Muraco, Mystic Lake Homeowners Assoc., P. James Newman, Penny Noll, Theodore and Mary Pat Northrup, Notleymere Cottage, Kent and Debbie Ogden, Old and Everlasting, Allen Olmsted, Oneida Ltd., Oneida Savings/, Bailey Haskell and LaLonde, Organically Hip, Our Farm, P and C Fresh, Nancy and Frank Paolozzi, Robert and Teresa Parke, William Pearlman, Pelco Component Technologies, Pemco Group, James and Toloa Perry, Pfi zer Foundation, Scott and Maureen Phillips, Robert Pietrafesa, Teresa and Robert Polsin, Elizabeth Powers, Q.C. Pathmans, Quality Auto Care, Raindrop Farms, Gerald and Susan Rasmussen, Ravenglass Technologies, Ray and Co., Red and White Cafe, Gerard and Gigi Redmond, John and Abbie Redmond, Phyllis Reicher, Dorothy and Marshall Reisman Fdtn., Remlap Construction, Ridgeway and Conger, Inc., Mr. and Mrs. David A. A. Ridings, John and Jane Ridings, Peter A. Ridings Foundation, Dorothy Riester, Graham and Maudie Ritchie, River Valley and Cavallaro Foods, Janice Romagnoli, John and Mary Ann Romig, Jack Rooney and Ann Cross, Bruce and Susan Ross, Elaine Rubenstein, Rosalind and Seymour Rudolph Fund, Sagemark Consulting, Toni and Robert Salisbury, Roger and Anne Saltman, David Sandell, Sandra Rogers Interiors, Saratoga Spring Water Co., Glenn and Catherine Savage, Ronald and Donna Scammell, Joanne Scanlon, William and Elizabeth Schaefer, Gordon and Stephanie Schutzendorf, Irving and Sheila Schwartz, Don and Mary Lou Schwinn, Schwinn Fund, Robert and Elaine Secor, Scott Sellers, Scott and Norma Shannon, Lawrence and Leslie Shipps, Jean Shirley, Sam and Julia Shotzberger, Show Trunk, Stuart Singer and, Mary McGrath, Skaneateles Jewelry, Skeele Agency, Sharye Skinner and, Dick Tuttle, Wesley and Barbara Skinner, Robert and Dianna Slodowitz, Gene and Mary Smith, William Stack, Helen Stacy, Don and Dorothy Stehle, Ann and Milton Stevenson, Deborah and Eric Stickels, Dorothy Studor, Sunnybrook Farm, Cynthia Sutton, Pringle Symonds, Syracuse Sport Horse Tournament, Thomas Tait, Thomas Talbot, Wendy Taylor, Tizzy’s, The Wyman Group, Inc., Jonathan and Mary Thompson, Mark and Cindy Tierno, Tizzy’s, Town of Cazenovia, Town of Nelson, Town of Fenner, Tronser, Inc., Larry and Sally Tully Fund, Forbes Tuttle Fund, Joan Vadeboncoeur, Village of Cazenovia, Thomas and Cynthia Vogt, Thomas and Beverly Wall, Jay and Martha Wason, Marjorie Wason Tormey, Rodney Warner, David and Sarah Webster, Dr. and Mrs. Dwight Webster, Doris Webster, Wells Communications, Larry and Glenda Wetzel, Kurt and Rebekah Wheeler, Brad and Julie Wheler, Gordon and Barbara Wheler, White’s Farm Supply, John and Judy Whittle, Wilcox Paper Company, Brian and Jeanne Willard, Williams Fence, Gerald Wilson, Lorna Wilson, Linda Witherill, Steffen and Barbara Wolff, Thad Yorks and Family, Deborah and Michael Zahn, Ann and Karl Zinsmeister, Marie Zoeckler, Maureen and Bill Zupan

If we missed you, our sincere apologies. Please contact us at 655-7532 so we can correct the error.

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