‘Carptown’ Wisconsin Challenges B’ville to a Fish-Off

Kim Dryden 07/02/10More articles
On June 17, Baldwinsville Mayor Joe Saraceni presented a package he received from Greg Buckley, the city manager of Two Rivers, Wisc. Among other things, it included a Carptown license plate, a T-shirt and a Two Rivers discovery guide. Most importantly, though, was the enclosed challenge to a fish-off “to encourage a little friendly competition between our communities.”

Buckley heard about Baldwinsville, the “Carp Capital,” during Two Rivers’ recent Carp Fest fishing tournament, where he happened to run into Baldwinsville native Jason Bernhardt. Bernhardt, who Saraceni recognized as a wonderful community representative, organizes the Red Mill Inn Carp Tournament.

Baldwinsville has accepted the challenge.

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