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Assistant Superintendent for Management Services at the Baldwinsville Central School District

James Rodems was born and raised in Central New York. A graduate of the Christian Brothers Academy, he received an undergraduate degree in political science in 1973, an MBA from Syracuse University in 1988 and second masters degree in Cortland.

He and his wife of almost 35 years, Deborah, have two children. James, 26, lives in Cleveland and Sarah, 29, lives in Minneapolis. Rodems’ hobbies include boating and duck hunting, and he currently serves on the Board of Directors at Canton Woods Senior Center.

When did you start your job as assistant superintendent for management services?
“I’ve been here about a year.”

What is some of your work experience?
“I worked in my fathers engineering company for 20 years on and off and worked middle management in Upstate NY. I interned at Fayetteville-Manlius, was a school business official for 10 years, among other experience.”

What are some of your job duties?
“I assist human resources, work with special education granting services, federal grants, food service reports, transportation services, the building budget, anything to do with money.”

What do you like about your job?
“I love that it’s very interactive. It’s less hands-on here, and that’s more of a challenge because you’re letting someone else solve problems, but I have a great group of people here and trust them to do the right thing. I like working for Jeanne Dangle, the superintendent of schools. In September, I go out a lot to the different bus stops and meet and speak with parents. I want to be able to talk with the families and get different opinions about the bus runs and such.”

What was this year’s biggest challenge?
“What’s going on with the state of New York and their support for education.”

How have you handled these challenges?
“We have had to lay off 28 people and cut 90 positions. We have had to cut freshman sports and four bus runs.”

Where do you see the future of this district?
“Our school population was 6,100 four years ago and is down to 5,800. We have lost 300 to 400 kids. We need to do the right thing to make sure expenses stay in line with the population. We also need to keep the tax levy down. It will be difficult to deal with the economic situation as a school district, with higher taxes, difficult economy and questionable state aid.”

Do you live in Baldwinsville?
“We moved to this district in March from Dewitt.”

What do you like about Baldwinsville?
“I like the sense of community. The people are very friendly. Restaurants are close by and everything is convenient and quiet. The river is right behind us. We are trying to establish ties in the neighborhood. It’s all good!”

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