Tony Saracini: Volunteer Man of the Year

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Tony Saracini is a fifth generation Baldwinsville native. He is 34 years old and the youngest of three. He has a sister, Jennifer, and his brother, Joe, is currently the mayor of Baldwinsville. Saracini is passionate about family, volunteering and lacrosse, which he coaches voluntarily for boys in fifth and sixth grade.

Tell me about yourself.
Saracini: I graduated in 1994 and went to Herkimer Community College for two years. My best friend also attended Herkimer, and we both played lacrosse where we won the Junior Collegiate National Championships. Then I received a scholarship to the Virginia Military Institute and attended there for four years. My lacrosse coach was Doug Bartlett, who is from Baldwinsville!

Where do you work?
Saracini: I am Commercial Sales Manager for C&R Supply in Liverpool. Itís owned and operated by Pat Hovey, who is from Baldwinsville. I met Pat through the Kiwanis Club, and over the years he has become my mentor. He has been in the Kiwanis Club a number of years and has really shown me the rewards of volunteering.

How long have you been a Kiwanis Member?
Saracini: I have been a member for about 10 years.

What are some of the things you volunteer for?
Saracini: I sit on the committee for The Ronald McDonald House, where we are in the process of building a new home. I am the vice president of the Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce. I am on the Board of the Greater Baldwinsville Economic Development Agency, where we think of ideas to generate tourism and local commerce for the Baldwinsville area. I am also on the CARP Tournament Committee, I coach, and (I) am planning our Margaritafest fundraiser for July 31.

Why do you volunteer?
Saracini: If you like where you live and you enjoy the people around you, you do whatever you can to support that. People like Pat Hovey and Liz Bowers [the recipient of the Woman of the Year award] are people that I respect and admire at a level thatís difficult to explain because of their dedication to the community.

How do you feel about receiving the Baldwinsville Volunteer Man of the Year Award?
Saracini: Very honored. It means a lot, and I was very proud to have my family and friends there to see me receive this award.

What are some of your concerns?
Saracini: The lack of participation in volunteer organizations from the younger generation. Many to most of the volunteers are older. If you lose a generation of volunteers and take that piece of the puzzle out, that presents a significant repercussion on the community. I donít want to see any of these organizations fail.

What advice would you give to the younger generation?
Saracini: Just do somethingÖvolunteer for something, anything! Youíll feel good about yourself and your community.

Whatís in your future?
Saracini: Doing more of what I am doing now. Setting goals and going after them, participating in the community, volunteering, and following the lead in my family politically. I see myself participating at a county level in politics. I am a Trustee and my grandfather, John Nostrant, was a trustee in Baldwinsville, and Baldwinsville is where I want to stay.

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