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This year will mark Carl Sanfilippoís 26th season as head coach for the Baldwinsville Bees high school football team. He grew up in Salamanca, southwest of Buffalo. He and his wife of 27 years, Juliet, have two daughters: Lauren, 26, and Justine, 22. Sanfilippo also has a 3-year-old granddaughter, Gianna, and a newborn grandson, Joseph.

How did you come to Syracuse?
I went to Syracuse University on a full football scholarship and stayed here after I graduated.

How long have you been coaching?
I coached at CBA for eight years before coming to Baldwinsville. I have been here now for 26 years.

How did you get started in football?
Itís in my blood. My father, Joseph, was a 40-year head football coach. He coached for the Cathedral High School in Gallop, New Mexico, Salamanca High School and Jamestown High School.

Do you live in Baldwinsville?
We lived in Dewitt for 18 years and moved here nine years ago.

Whatís your favorite part of the job?
Itís all about the kids. I enjoy working with the kids, and I have never even considered doing anything else. The bonds that I make with these kids . . . having them come back to see me and to see where they end up. You know, success is measured in many ways. Itís not just about the money you make.

Whatís your least favorite part of the job?
I donít have a least favorite part. I like coming to work. Not much else could be better than that.

How has the program changed over the years?
It hasnít changed. We keep the same standards now that we had 25 years ago. We donít lower our standards to fit society and donít get into political views. My expectations of young men and women are legitimate and realistic. By expectations, I mean character, morals, sportsmanship and leadership. I am not naÔve. We have kids that get into trouble, but if they have character and morals, they will pretty much do the right thing.

Do you feel that kids have changed?
Kids have basically stayed the same. Itís the parents that have changed. If you keep expectations realistic and logical, kids will attain them. They really want structure and security in their lives.

Do you have any other hobbies or interests?
I own a scuba diving business called Freedom Scuba USA. I am very passionate about a program called Sea The World. Itís a scuba program for children with disabilities. Itís a Baldwinsville summer school-program thatís not just about diving, but how it has a positive impact on these kids. It teaches them self-confidence and about having a better self-image and sense of worth and accomplishment. You should see the smiles on their faces. They are so much fun.

Any final thoughts or advice?
People stereotype football, but itís really not about football. Itís where you end up 15 years from now. Itís about integrity, community, family and having a purpose in life. The same thing goes for any other sport. Itís not about the game as much as it is about learning lifeís lessons. So, do whatever is good for you . . . and do it well. Life is a journey, not a destination . . . and my life is always a journey.

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