North Syracuse: Pollock takes office, replaces Fortin

Miranda L. Pennock 09/08/10More articles
On Aug. 12, the village of North Syracuse welcomed a new village clerk — Christine Pollock.
Pollock, who has spent much of her life in the village, was appointed to the position following former Clerk Nancy Fortin’s retirement, also in August.
The Star-Review caught up with Pollock this week to find out how she’s adjusting to her new role as the gatekeeper at the village office

Q: You’re officially the village of North Syracuse clerk. When did you take office?
A: I became official on Monday Aug. 16.

Q: Is this an elected position or were you appointed by Mayor Diane Browning and the Village Board of Trustees?
A: I was appointed by Mayor Browning and unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees at the board meeting on Aug. 12.

Q: There is a lot of work that goes into being the “gatekeeper” for a municipality. What are some of the tasks you perform on a regular basis?
A: Most of the activity so far has been answering residents’ questions as to the various services the village provides, doing background checks and issuing various permits and licenses, as well as Notary duties. It’s a very busy place, which I really enjoy.

Q: Prior to becoming the village clerk, what kind of job did you hold?
A: I was a personal assistant to the owner of two medical facilities in New York City for the past eight years. I have also worked part-time for Judge Bertrand, North Syracuse village justice. I was full-time court clerk in the village of Fayetteville before that.

Q: Did you foresee yourself holding a position like this? What are your thoughts on being one of the go-to people in the village?
A: This job was made for me! I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to serve my neighbors and try to find answers to their questions, or help them solve a problem they may need help with.

Q: Have you ever held a position with the village, or any other municipality, before this? If so, what type of job(s)?
A: Court clerk in the village of Fayetteville and court clerk in the village of North Syracuse.

Q: What do you love about your new job as village clerk?
A: No two days are the same. I love to interact with people and problem solve. I’ve found that a smile, courtesy, respect and a good sense of humor not only makes my day fulfilling, but is even more gratifying when it makes another person’s day better. I’m lucky enough to be able to do that everyday and get paid for it. Most people just want to know that they are respected, listened to and that someone cares enough to find an answer for them.

Q: If residents need to get in touch with you to ask questions regarding the village, how should they contact you?
A: The village hall phone number is 458-0900. My direct email is, and I answer each one as soon as I can. I look forward to meeting more of my neighbors over the months to come!

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