C-NS campus to include electronic info board

Miranda L. Pennock 09/08/10More articles
Do you ever drive past Cicero-North Syracuse High School and wonder when the next football game is? Or when the school board meets next?

Soon, all passers-by will have to do is look up and they’ll have some of the answers they’re looking for.

Approximately five years ago the athletic coaches at Cicero-North Syracuse High School had an idea to put an electronic sign in front of the school on Route 31. Now that idea is coming to fruition as the district readies for the sign to be delivered.

Athletic Director Tom Tatham said the plans that have unfolded show the sign being complete — the frame is currently standing empty — sometime this month.

“We just have a couple little things to work out,” he said.
While the project was started with sports in mind, it is a “total school project,” Tatham said. It has taken the efforts of the community-at-large to bring in the funds to cover the project.

“We’ve raised $57,000 and we’ll probably spend most of that,” Tatham said, adding he has not seen the final schematics.

As head of the project, Tatham has been able to secure a member item from Sen. David Valesky and has welcomed donations from various booster organizations and local businesses. Approximately $40,000 has been collected with an additional $18,000 remaining to be collected.

“For four years he has gone out and collected the money,” Superintendent of Schools Jerome Melvin said. “You name it, he did it.”

While the sign will be a nice and informative addition to the school, those working on the project also have safety in mind. It will be two signs in one that will sit perpendicular to Route 31 so motorists are able to read it at a glance while driving by, Tatham said.

“It’s going to be a really nice thing on [Route] 31,” he said. “I think the answer shows people take pride in their school.”

Tatham praised the efforts of the community and how getting people working together toward a common goal is a good thing for the neighborhood.

“We truly appreciate what the community, booster clubs and Sen. Velasky have done.”

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